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What Are Your Options for Compensation After a CT Construction Accident

Posted by James Aspell | Jul 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Connecticut Construction Industry  is one of the most dangerous occupations in the state. Almost daily, workers experience devastating injuries that are not their fault and sometimes require expensive medical care to help them recover and carry on with their life.

Some of the most serious injuries that occur are a spinal cord injury, traumatic head injuries, or even death. With such a devastating injury, workers are at risk of losing their jobs or having to change careers, which can result in a significant decrease in their income.

Most construction workers are aware that they can submit workers' compensation claims following an accident at work, but there are other compensation options you should know about as well.

If you've been injured on any CT construction site and have questions or need legal help, the experienced professionals at James F. Aspell, P.C can give you answers and lay out your options so you understand what steps to take.

Workers' Compensation Limits

If you have an accident while working in Connecticut  and your employer has a workers' compensation coverage, you may file a claim to receive compensation for:

  • Medical costs associated with your injuries.
  • Two-thirds of your weekly average salary.
  • Costs associated with traveling to and from doctor's appointments.

One significant limitation to receiving workers' compensation is that you cannot sue or bring a personal injury claim against your employer. Once filing for workers' comp and receiving benefits, you cannot sue your employer for negligence even if they were the cause of the accident directly. There are several options and exceptions, but for many workers, this means relying only on workers' compensation.

While workers' compensation may be able to cover the cost of a minor soft-tissue or broken bone accident, it might not be adequate if you were injured much more severely, suffering from paralysis or brain damage. The insurance companies will likely attempt to challenge your claim if the injuries are more significant in order to keep from paying the full amount.

Other Compensation Options Following a Construction Accident in CT

You cannot sue or file a personal injury claim against your employer under workers' compensation, but there are other parties who may be held liable for a construction accident. Only your employer is covered by workers' compensation insurance; other parties including subcontractors, property owners, delivery drivers, and product manufacturers  can be held liable.

You could potentially sue a contractor for compensation, for instance, if they failed to notify you about an excavation and you ended up in the blast zone. If you suffered an electrical injury while using a faulty power tool, you may be entitled to compensation by filing a product liability claim against the seller or manufacturer.

Due to the absence of the two-thirds cap on lost income and the higher amount of non-economic damages offered, third-party claims frequently provide greater damages than workers' compensation.

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