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Car Accident Lawyers in Hartford, Connecticut. James f. Aspell, P.C. is a Hartford personal injury law firm that has successfully recovered millions of dollars to compensate car accident victims and their families. When a driver breaks the rules of the road and injures or kills another person, they should be held responsible. If you are injured in a car accident, your case likely has difficult legal, insurance, and damage issues that require a seasoned car accident attorney to resolve. Aspell Law understands how car crashes impact our clients' physical and financial health and will help you get the compensation you deserve. To get started on your recovery and protect yourself and your family, call Jim Aspell at 860-523-8783 or complete our online contact form

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James F.. Aspell, P.C. is a highly reviewed 5 star reviewed injury law firm in Hartford.  Our  firm has literally over 3o years of car accident experience.  We offer a free evaluation of your car crash case and are ready to start fighting for you.

Our Car Accident Lawyers set themselves apart protecting Hartford, Connecticut motorists and their families, getting full recovery for their injuries and achieving financial recovery and security. We take your fight to court, and trial if need be, to get all the money you deserve. Do not settle for your damages — medical care, wage loss, disability, and pain and suffering. Our Hartford, CT car accident attorneys will answer your questions and guide you through your claim and personally handle your case.


Many people injured in car accidents pursuit their car crash claims directly with insurance companies believing that they will be fairly compensated for their injuries and damages. In actuality, insurance companies attempt to get away with paying out as little as possible to car accident victims, often not covering all of the expenses acquired from the accident. Jim Aspell and our great  injury team  can protect you from insurance companies who will try and get you to settle for less! Aspell Law has the experience and resources necessary to handle your car accident claim.

James F. Aspell, P.C.'s  car accident attorneys set themselves apart by winning full compensation for car accident victims in Farmington and Hartford, Connecticut, and other places throughout Connecticut. If you have been injured in an auto accident you should act now and contact us to recover your damages. This may include medical expenses and treatment, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our Hartford car accident lawyers will answer any question you have about your case and guide you through the process.

Common Damages in a Car Accident Case

  • Medical bills (current and future)
  • Bills for future medical procedures
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of limb or use of limb
  • Cost of physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Costs of household and vehicle modification
  • Permanent injury or disability
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Loss of career or earning capacity
  • Mental anguish and emotional stress
  • Wrongful death damages (if a love one was killed)

Time is of the essence. If you are hurt and need help, it is important to call our Connecticut Car Accident Lawyers as soon as possible. In a car accident case (or any case that involves an accident with injury), every second counts. The more time our lawyers have to fight for your rights and better understand the details of your case, the better your financial recovery wi

Car Accident Lawyer in Hartford – Recent Victories

With any type of legal claim, results matter. You want to know that you're giving your case to the best possible lawyer, and that they're going to fight hard to make sure you get 100% of the recovery and compensation you deserve. A car accident lawyer saying they're the best is one thing, a lawyer with client testimonials and results that can prove it is another. Here are several of our most recent victories.

  • $890,000 Car Accident Settlement
  • $450,000 Truck Accident settlement
  • $300,000 Route 9 truck accident settlement

What Caused Your Car Accident?

Negligence is usually the main culprit in a car accident claim. Our Car Accident Lawyers in Hartford take on several different types of car accident claims, and use differing methods to collect evidence in each. Here are several facts regarding traffic accidents:

  • Circumstances Involving Car Accidents – According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation  there were many different types of car accidents, of which 22,474 involved speeding, 5,976 involved Alcohol, 32,763 involved younger drivers, 42,747 involved older drivers, 12,082 involved a commercial vehicle, and 2,253 involved motorcycles. For Illinois, there were a total of 324,473 accidents in 2016, with speeding accounting for 32% of crashes. 700 fatal accidents also occurred during this time period with 613 of the fatalities involving alcohol.
  • More Drivers on the Road Increases % of Accidents – While this will seem obvious, the more drivers there are on the road, the higher the chances are of you bring in an accident. The recession caused a reduction in traffic accidents because fewer people were driving. As the market has recovered, more jobs have become available and more people are driving than before, which has increased the number of accidents in Connecticut
  • 80% of Accidents involving teens also involved Texting – Texting and Driving is by many accounts worse than drunk driving. According to the Connecticut Department of Insurance, 80% of accidents involving teen drivers were caused because of texting and driving.
  • In 2014, there were 97 Fatal Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles – Of the 2,060 accidents involving commercial accidents in 2014, 97 ended in fatality  with 109 people dying due to the accidents, and 3185 individuals being seriously injured.
  • Icy Roads Contribute to more Fatalities than Other Weather Types – Annually, there are nearly 2,000 deaths caused by icy roads. This fact beats out flood fatalities, heat fatalities, and cold fatalities.

Following safe driving practices while on the road can help keep you safe from accidents. Your life and your family are more important than drinking and driving or responding to any text. Nothing is more important than driving safely and arriving where you need to go, alive. If you've been injured in a car accident in Connecticut, and your accident was caused due to negligent actions,call our car crash lawyer in Hartford at 860-523-8783. Our Lawyers will fight for your rights every step of the way.  We answer the phone 24/7/365.

Car Accident Injuries – What Injuries are you suffering from?

Car Accident injuries can range in severity from minor bumps and bruises to major injuries that can include broken bones, serious concussions, and even death. Here are a list of the most common injuries that can result from a car accident:

  • Whiplash Whiplash Injuries are one of the most common types of car accident injuries, and involve the head and neck. The force is created when a vehicle in motion is struck from a direction that it isn't traveling. These types of injuries can lead to neck pain, back issues, spinal issues, tenderness in the shoulders, and many other medical issues.
  • Concussions – Concussions are caused by the forceful motion of the brain inside the skull, to the point that bruising or swelling can occur. Concussions can lead to loss of motor functions, loss of memory, and can even be paralyzing.
  • Broken Bones – Broken Bones are caused by either abrupt force that shatters the bone, or an amount of weight or pressure that causes the bone to bend and break. Car Accidents can easily lead to broken bones due to the force involved in the accidents. Broken bones can take some time to heal, and often require lengthy amounts of rehabilitation before they are back to 100%.
  • Internal Bleeding – Internal Bleeding is never immediately apparent, but can quickly cause death if not seen to immediately. internal  occurs when the organs inside your body are either punctured or rupture from the force of an accident.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal Injuries occur when your spine attempts to control the motion of your body against an extreme amount of force. The spinal cord is integral to the motor functions of your body. Any damage to your spine can often result in serious injuries throughout other areas of the body.

Your recovery and your financial health may be at stake if you've been involved in a car accident in Hartford you need to speak with our Car Accident Attorneys in Hartford, CT to  best protect your health and your recovery.

When your injured in a car accident, the first step you should always take is going to a doctor to make sure you are ok. No matter how tough you may think you are, your injury could be life-threatening. After you've seen to your medical care, speak with our car accident firm in Hartford to make sure that the other party is held fully liable, and that all of your bills and needs are taken care of.

Many people who are injured in car accidents pursue their car crash claims directly with insurance companies believing that they will be fairly compensated for their injuries and damages. In actuality, insurance companies attempt to get away with paying out as little as possible to car accident victims, often not covering all of the expenses acquired from the accident. Gary Burger and his team can protect you from insurance companies that will try and get you to settle for less!   Jim Aspell has the experience and resources necessary to handle your car accident claim, and our car accident lawyers will stand with you every step of the way.

When you allow The Law Offices of James f. Aspell, P.C. and his team to represent you and your car accident case, you're being backed by over 35 years of experience in the personal injury law industry. Here at Aspelllaw  we offer free case evaluations and our car crash attorneys are prepared to promptly get started on your car accident case. Aspelllaw will coordinate with your insurance company and medical care providers to ensure your injuries are properly treated while your case is given the attention it deserves. The car crash lawyers of James F. Aspell, P.C will secure witness statements, interview police, take photos the scene and take any other necessary steps in order to win your car accident case.
Hartford Car Accident Lawyers

When an auto accident occurs, extreme force can be put on the human body causing severe and potentially crippling injuries. In addition to medical bills, these injuries can have a number of financial, physical, and emotional consequences making it vital to take action right away.

While working with insurance may seem like a good idea at the time, it is important to remember that insurance companies are looking out for their own best interests and NOT yours. With this in mind, it is imperative to seek help from the experienced Hartford area car accident lawyers with Aspell Law to advocate on your behalf and ensure that insurance companies do not take advantage of you.

People may think a car accident claim is straightforward. After all, insurance companies are supposed to be there to help everything move smoothly. Unfortunately, insurance companies may take advantage of unrepresented clients with their desires to come to a quick settlement, making it imperative to contact a Hartford area auto accident attorney immediately.

At James f. Aspell, P.C. , our attorneys are dedicated to helping the injured. We will drive to you if you cannot come to our office. To learn more and begin the injury claims process, schedule a free consultation with a 5 star Google reviewed personal injury law firm in Hartford.  .

Car Accident Attorney Hartford, CT 

Should I sue if I've been in a car accident?

The answer will directly depend upon your accident, the severity of your accident, the injuries you incurred, and whether or not the insurance company is working with you. Here are a few key points to consider before taking any car accident claim to court:

  • Was anyone injured, or was the damage significant? – Any time an accident results in injuries of any kind, the loss of life, or severe property damage to your vehicle or other valuable property, you need a great car accident lawyer like the personal injury attorneys of Burger Law on your side. Your car accident lawyer has the resources and knowledge to adequately assess the true total value of your case – something individuals without car accident claim experience will not be able to do.
  • Is the Insurance Company working with you? – If the insurance company is paying for all of your medical bills and also seeing to the replacement of your vehicle and any lost wages, then you may not need to pursue a car accident claim. If they are not working with you, and are trying to get you to settle for partial medical coverage, or are trying to put blame on your for the accident, then you may need a car accident attorney.
  • Will your Injuries require long-term medical care? – If you are seriously injured, and your injury will require medication, lengthy rehabilitation, or other needs required to bring you back to full health, then you need an attorney to ensure you get all of the benefits you need in perpetuity.
  • Is the other driver admitting to causing the accident? If the other driver refuses to admit they caused the accident, and is willing to fight you, then you absolutely need to speak to a car accident lawyer in St. Louis to protect your claim. If the other driver did admit responsibility, and they are cooperating, then you may not need a car accident lawyer.

If you are being taken care of, and all of your needs are being met chances are you can finish the claim by yourself without having to consult a lawyer. However, if you're hurt, and the insurance company is fighting you and the other driver is seeking a claim against you then you absolutely have to speak with one of our Car Accident Lawyers in Hartford as soon as possible.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

Insurance companies make profits by not paying out claims. However, a qualified Hartford car accident lawyer is experienced in arguing the legal theory of the case and negotiating with insurance companies to get injured individuals the compensation they deserve.

Auto accident lawyers know that cases almost always use the legal theory of negligence since the at-fault driver usually did not mean to cause harm but did so nonetheless. Negligence carries a specific legal definition that the plaintiff bears the burden to prove in all car accident cases.

The plaintiff must demonstrate the defendant owed them a duty to care for their welfare. This is always true in a car accident case because all drivers assume a duty to care for all other people they may encounter on the road. A Hartford, CT car accident lawyer knows that the court will likely try to determine whether a driver breached this duty. If a driver received a ticket after the accident, the law will assume that they were at fault. A plaintiff must link their injuries to the accident, meaning, they could benefit from obtaining a doctor's note as evidence to support their claim.

We know the questions to ask and stop at nothing when demanding the answers. We are passionate about fighting for the rights of the injured and offer individualized attention to each case we take.

Filing a Successful Auto Accident Claim

An auto accident claim begins the second the accident happens. And while it is also important for all plaintiffs to obtain prompt and thorough medical treatment before all else, a car crash lawyer in Hartford should be the next person an injured individual talks to.

Not only can an experienced lawyer obtain the evidence and resources necessary to obtain damages, but they can also help guide those injured through the legal process and make sure that the insurance companies don't take advantage of you.

Scheduling a FREE Consultation with a Hartford  Car Accident Lawyer

People may think a car accident claim is straightforward. After all, insurance companies are supposed to be there to help everything move smoothly. Unfortunately, insurance companies may take advantage of unrepresented clients with their desires to come to a quick settlement. Insurance companies may even try to convince them the auto crash was their fault, and therefore they are entitled to nothing. A Hartford car accident lawyer could protect you from these strategies. Car crash attorneys could gather all the evidence and form demand packages that ask for the full compensation you deserve.

Our Car Accident Lawyers are dedicated to providing the victims of car crashes with expert legal advice and counseling. If


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