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Voluntary Agreements in A Workers Compensation Case

 Understanding Voluntary Agreements in Workers' Compensation Cases

What is a Voluntary Agreement in Workers' Comp? A Voluntary Agreement is a key document in workers' compensation cases. It formalizes the details of an injury sustained at work and includes important information such as:

: Contents of a Voluntary Agreement

    • Injured worker's name and legal representative
    • Employer and insurance company details
    • Date of injury, trauma, or disease onset
    • Start date of incapacity
    • Treating physician's name
    • Wages and compensation rate
    • Description of the injury or disease occurrence

This agreement confirms the permanent acceptance of the claim and obligates the insurance company to the claim throughout the injured worker's life, and sometimes even beyond.

 Benefits of a Voluntary Agreement for Injured Workers Voluntary Agreements are not only beneficial but often required in accepted workers' compensation cases. However, insurance companies may neglect to prepare a voluntary agreement, risking future claim denials. Our CT workers' compensation attorneys ensure the procurement of a Voluntary Agreement when necessary to safeguard your claim.

 Types of Voluntary Agreements There are mainly two types:

  1. Jurisdictional Voluntary Agreement: This type affirms the claim's acceptance and is akin to a judgment confirming the employer's liability. It prevents the employer or insurance company from denying the claim later.
  2. Specific Award or Permanency Award: Used when an injury results in permanent functional loss of a body part. This agreement specifies the affected body part and the award duration.

 Importance of Accurate Voluntary Agreements A Voluntary Agreement, being a legal document, is challenging to amend once approved. It's vital to ensure its accuracy to avoid inadequate compensation. If you're facing issues with a Voluntary Agreement in your workers' compensation case, contact James F. Aspell, P.C. for a free initial consultation. Our experts are ready to review your agreement and provide guidance.

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