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How Do You Start The SSD Application Process?

Social Security Disability Flow Chart

For many people, the process of applying for and receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be lengthy and frustrating. Our Farmington Social Security Disability attorney has more than two decades of experience efficiently guiding individuals through this complex process.

At the Law Offices of James F. Aspell, P.C., we get several questions regarding the actual process for receiving SSD benefits. We felt that it might be helpful for our prospective clients to learn a little more about the process even before scheduling a free consultation at our office.

The Experience To Walk You Through The Necessary Steps

  • Initial application: An initial SSD application must be filled out and submitted to the local district office. Typically, this is done without representation, but we are certainly available to answer questions and help clients with the application if necessary. Unfortunately, the vast majority of individuals — close to 95 percent — are denied benefits at the initial application stage.
  • Request for reconsideration: If you did not use an attorney at the initial application stage, you will certainly want representation at this stage and beyond. We can ensure that the accurately completed documents are delivered to the appropriate bureau in a timely fashion. The sooner the bureau has the necessary documents, the sooner they can make a decision. Many individuals are denied reconsideration of their initial application, but there are still several options open to them.
  • Request for hearing with an administrative law judge: The vast majority of our clients that make it to this stage are awarded the benefits they are entitled to. Here, the case is thoroughly vetted by a vocational expert before a judge. We represent the clients by attending the hearing with them and making sure their information is presented in the best light. We will also listen to the testimony of the vocational expert and cross examine him or her if necessary. Through our experience, we have gained a unique understanding of the types of information the judge needs to hear. If our client is denied benefits at this stage, there are two appeals open to us.
    • Appeal before the Social Security Appeals Council
    • Appeal to the United States District Court

We have a great deal of experience representing clients through all phases of the application and appeals process. We will fight to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to. Additionally, it is important to note that SSD cases are handled by our firm on a contingency basis. That means you do not pay until you receive your benefits. We feel that nobody should fear not being able to pay for a lawyer. Contact our firm today.


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