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Burn and Scald Injuries

Connecticut  Burn Injury Attorney


The American Burn Association estimates that there were approximately 450,000 burn victims who required medical treatment in 2012. Many of these victims sustained excruciating pain, lifelong scarring, and expensive medical bills. In some cases, the burn injuries were fatal, leaving families to grieve over a loved one who suffered immeasurable torment.

If you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury in Connecticut by the fault of another, contact a Hartford, CT  burn injury lawyer as soon as possible to get the compensation you deserve.

Burn Injuries

In Connecticut , burn victims and family members of burn victims do not have to suffer alone. Connecticut  lawyers have years of experience handling cases pertaining to burn victims. If you are in the Hartford, Connecticut  area and have been the victim of a personal injury, such as first, second or third degree burns, chemical burns, or steam burns,  you likely have many questions about how your injuries' will be treated and what your recovery will look like.  You will also need to know what  common complications burn victims encounter, and if the harms and losses you have suffered would result in a viable personal injury claim. 

Fire and burn prevention assessments and facts are available to business owners and residential homeowners in the DC area. Although information and precautionary measures are available, many home and business owners neglect the responsibility of preventing fire hazards.

Preventable Causes of Fires

Many fire-induced injuries are caused by factors that could have been prevented if proper fire safety had been enforced or followed. The improper use of fire security, such as faulty smoke detectors and alarm systems, can also contribute to victims suffering avoidable injuries. The U.S. Fire Administration cites all of the following as preventable causes of fires:

  • Arson
  • Smoking
  • Cooking
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Hazardous materials stored incorrectly
  • Portable heaters

Possible Results of Burn Injuries

96% of burn injury victims survive the initial incident. Many of these survivors will have to grapple with the painful and costly consequences of fires. Some of the detrimental effects that a burn injury can cause include but are not limited to:

  • Scarring : Many burn victims experience scarring that ranges in severity and in certain cases require reconstructive surgery;
  • Deformity: Quite a number of debilitating deformities can occur as a result of a burn injury. Victims can lose flesh, tissue, and even whole parts of the body. The mental and physical strain of disfigurement, whether permanent or temporary, can negatively impact the victim's day-to-day life and make life very painful and difficult;
  • Post-traumatic stress: Regardless of the severity of the burn injury itself, any traumatic situation can cause post-traumatic stress, leaving many burn victims mentally scarred. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress include nightmares, flashbacks, and social withdrawal. The post-traumatic stress related to such incidents can have lasting results that lead to job loss, lack of confidence, hostility, and severe depression. This is also true in regards to the families of deceased burn victims.

Contacting a Burn Injury Attorney in Hartford, CT

If you have been a victim of a severe burn in Connecticut, , seeking the help of a Hartford area  burn injury lawyer can aid you in your battle toward recovery. You should not have to suffer alone while bearing the stress of exorbitant medical expenses, long term care and rehabilitation. You may be entitled to compensation, but you should seek the services of a skilled attorney to pursue your claim.

The negligence of others can have devastating effects on one's life Whether your injury occurred in the workplace, a public building, or even your own home, you may still be entitled to compensation.


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