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How can an attorney help Me Win My Connecticut Social Security Disability Case?

A disability case requires the completion of a multitude of tasks and is helped by a good understanding of what is needed to win.

Not everyone who applies for Social Security and SSI disability benefits fits Social Security's definition of disability. In order to sort out the individuals who fit the definition, the decision makers with the Social Security Administration need large amounts of detailed information about each claimant so that they can make the best decisions possible. What that means for disability benefit applicants is that they are required to complete a multitude of tasks, both large and small, to make sure they are heard and understood.

What an experienced and diligent Hartford Social Security attorney will do is to work with you to put your case in the best position for a favorable determination at all levels of appeal. If you select us to represent you in your SSD or SSI case we will work with you to find and to make sure that Social Security has the evidence necessary to make a favorable decision. That attorney will figure out how the facts of your situation fit Social Security's definition of disability and will strive to develop sound and convincing legal arguments. If you have a hearing, that attorney will prepare you before the hearing so you know what to expect. That attorney will represent you at the hearing, cross examine any experts and try to ease some of the stress you may feel. That is what I will do for you.

The process can be confusing, frustrating and emotionally draining. We have been handling Connecticut Social Security Disability cases since 1986, and with the knowledge I have gained through the years, I can remove some of that burden. With a lessening of the weight of this burden, my clients can concentrate on improving their health instead of on the process of obtaining benefits.

A disability affects all areas of a person's life. It can result in life changes that feel catastrophic and overwhelming. It affects finances. It affects relationships. It affects how others look at you and how you look yourself.

While I cannot solve all of the problems that arise because of a disability, I can help to obtain a more solid financial base. Disability benefits do not replace all income lost but they can at least provide a firm foundation upon which to rebuild disrupted lives.

It is my goal to provide high quality legal representation to disabled individuals seeking benefits from the Social Security Administration. I provide people who have, unhappily, given up their work capabilities with an understanding of the loss they feel. To those who have not been able to work much if at all, I provide encouragement and help.