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Pit Bull Bites


Attorneys Helping People Injured in Pit Bull Bites & Attacks

For every argument that is made in favor of responsible pit bull ownership, there is an opposing view that highlights the power and aggressiveness of the breed. The Hartford  dog bite attorney at The Law Offices of James F. Aspell, P.C. believe that dog owners have a strong influence on the behavior of their dogs. While it is true that owners can encourage gentler behavior and socialize their animals in a healthy manner, much more attentive care must be given to the training of this breed due to its ability to cause physical harm to children, the elderly and other innocent bystanders.

Dog Bite Injuries

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Nerve Damage
  • Death

Statistics Never Lie When it Comes to Damage Inflicted by Pit Bulls

Many dog owners spout the ideology that the behavior of an animal is a direction reflection upon its owner, and that pit bulls can be tamed into docile and gentle creatures. The data reveals that 59% of death from dog attacks involve pit bulls, however. The breed tends to attract owners who specifically target aggressive animals and train them to be defensive and even when this is not the case, pit bulls have strong jaws and teeth that can cause great damage in the event someone intentionally or unintentionally provokes the animal. The victims should never be responsible for the cost of their medical treatment or recovery when their injuries are the direct result of irresponsible dog ownership.

Damage Inflicted by Pit BullsSome of the methods that pit bull owners can use to limit the danger their animals pose to others are to enroll their animal in a professional training course, ensure that the dog is always leashed when outdoors and socializing it with other animals and people at a young age. These steps still may not be enough because pit bulls can cause harm even when they are being playful. This is why discretion must be taken when exposing your animal to guests in the home or strangers in public.

Injuries Resulting from Pit Bull Bites

Due to their powerful jaws, pit bulls are able to inflict deep wounds and lock onto their victims. Our Hartford  dog attack lawyers have noticed that pit bull injuries tend to be much more serious. They can include the following.

  • Deep puncture wounds that may become infected due to microbial agents in the animal's saliva.
  • Broken or crushed bones. Not all injuries are due to the animal's bite and fractures can occur when the animal knocks a person over  This is often the case when the victim is older.
  • Severe lacerations that lead to muscle and tissue damage. These lacerations can result in torn muscle ligaments and leave unsightly scar tissue. In some cases, the scar tissue  can impact mobility. In almost all cases, there is psychological trauma that accompanies scarring.
  • Permanent nerve damage. Unlike muscles, bones and other tissue, nerves are lost forever once they are severed. If the lacerations suffered in an attack severed or damaged nerves  it can result in the loss of feeling or ability to move the affected area.

Our Hartford  Dog Bite Attorney Understand Your Needs Following a Pit Bull Attack

Most people are not aware of the extent of the physical, psychological and financial damage that can result from a dog attack, especially when an aggressive breed is involved. The victim may suffer long term or permanent physical damage that can require years of therapy and treatment to overcome. Victims may also have trouble being in the proximity of other dogs in the future and suffer from psychological disorders due to the initial trauma or the presence of unsightly scarring. Finally, the cost of medical treatment can place undue stress on the victim and his or her family.

The legal professionals at James F. Aspell, P.C. are experienced in the recovery of compensation for those who have been injured due to other peoples' carelessness. Our Hartford Pit Bull Bite Attorney has recovered compensation on behalf of thousands  of clients for the cost of their current and ongoing medical bills, their lost wages, the value of their pain and suffering and for other costs related to their injuries. Contact us today to review your case for free and we will go over your legal options with you and create a plan of action for you. If we cannot recover compensation on your behalf, our services won't cost you anything.


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