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Nerve Damage


Attorneys for People With Nerve Damage From Dog Bites

Connecticut  dog bite attorneys help victims who have suffered serious nerve damage after an attack. One of the greatest tragedies that can result from a dog bite accident is nerve damage. Connecticut nerve damage attorneys represent victims of dog bite attacks and assist them in their fight for justice. In Connecticut , dog attacks can occur anywhere throughout the State. Whether one is walking to work down Farmington  Avenue or taking a job in one of Hartford's suburbs, dog bite attacks can spontaneously occur. Dog bite victims must pay attention to special attention to any serious symptoms that can arise after an attack, such as nerve damage.


Types of Nerve Damage Resulting from Dog Bites

Dog bite nerve damage can occur in several ways. When an individual receives dog bites on sensitive parts of the body, such as the face, a keloid scar can result. Keloid scars  occur when the body is attempting to heal itself. Keloids are scars that “claw” over the normal skin. The scars can be reddish to dark brown in color. They can be extremely itchy and cause pain to a victim. Keloid scars often require intensive surgery for removal. The surgery itself can be expensive and can be painful to endure.

Another type of scar that can result after a dog bite is a hypertrophic scar. A hypertrophic scar is another type of raised scar, but it typically does not require an invasive surgery. They can result in discoloration and create a very unattractive appearance.

The Emotional Impact of Dog Bite Nerve Damage

When one has suffered injury in a dog bite attack, he or she may be left with an unattractive appearance. Scarring and lacerations can be a serious impediment to a person's self-confidence and self-esteem. Depression and anxiety can result when a person has been attacked by a dog. The victim may have suicidal thoughts or have a sense of hopelessness.

Nerve damage does not only have an impact on a person's facial appearance. The emotional pain resulting from this damage can be very real and seriously impact other part's of a person's life. A victim may be unable to return to work or school due to concerns about his or her appearance. If you have been involved in a Connecticut  dog bite attack, it is important that you get the help that you need. Our personal injury  attorney can assist you in determining the damages that you have suffered as a result of your accident. Some forms of legal damages, such as “pain and suffering,” may not have a straight-out price tag and require that you provide proof of your damages to the court. Our compassionate team  can help you obtain the justice that you deserve.

Physical Nerve Damage After Dog Bite Attacks

Physical nerve damage can also pose great challenges and cause extreme pain to dog bite victims. An individual may lose sensation in certain parts of her body after a dog bite attack. This loss of sensation occurs when the brain is unable to send signals to other parts of the body, such as one's hands. If one has received lacerations all over his or her hands, there is a chance that a person may suffer from a permanent loss of sensation. In some cases, surgery may not be able to treat a damaged nerve. Neurotmesis refers to nerve damage that results in a permanent loss of nerves and sensation. Victims who have suffered from Neurotmesis may still have a right to recover damages under the law.

CT Dog Bite Attorneys Can Help Victims

When one has suffered nerve damage after a dog attack, it is important to take action fast. Victims should ensure that they discover their right to recover monetary compensation before the statute of limitations runs out on a claim. Our office handles dog bite attack cases on a contingency fee basis and will not recover any compensation unless you receive an award.


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