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Connecticut Wet Floor Slip Accident Attorney


Filing a Claim for Compensation after Slipping on Wet Floors

Wet Floor Slip Accident CompensationPlacing a “wet floor” sign on top of the slippery surface is an easy solution to avoid slipping and falling. The yellow warning sign can be placed indoors when built up wax, liquids and other substances have been spilt on the floor, or outdoors to indicate areas of accumulated snow or ice. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to take this simple step. As a result, many individuals become a victim of the slippery floor accident whether injuries are significant and at times life threatening.

According to Illinois tort law, property owners, managers and tenants are duty bound to provide every visitor and worker a safe walking surface. They must exercise reasonable care to ensure a safe environment. However, even with this regulation, slips, trips and falls are a common occurrence in many retail and commercial establishments. In fact, slippery floor accident claims rank second only to vehicle accidents in personal injury cases.

Many victims of a slip and fall incident on a wet surface suffer serious injuries and require weeks or months of rehabilitation after their wounds have healed. Common injuries in slip and fall incidences involve:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Lower back strain, lumbar injury and sprains
  • Elbow and arm injuries
  • Shoulder injury
  • Injured muscles, tendons and ligaments

Proving Negligence

Even though you were a customer or worker at a commercial establishment and fell on the slippery floor, it does not necessarily mean that others are responsible for your injuries. You must prove negligence to hold another party liable for the accident that caused you harm. To prove that others were negligent, you or your attorney will need to show that:

  • The property owner, manager, tenant, employee or others caused the floor to be slippery, creating a dangerous environment, or
  • The property owner, manager, tenant, employee or others knew, or should have known, that a dangerous environment existed and took no action to remedy the condition, or
  • The property owner, property manager, tenant, employee or others should have known the slippery surface existed because any reasonable individual in charge of the property would have identified the problem and taken action including placing barriers, installing warning signs or repairing the dangerous condition

In addition, you are required to prove how your injuries are a direct cause of negligence by others in charge of the property and that you suffer actual damages.

Common Negligence Claims

Many common forms of negligent slippery floor claims involve:

  • Improperly maintained flooring
  • The use of improper cleaning solutions and finishing substances by the janitorial staff
  • Failing to implement precautions taken by managerial staff and employees as a response to liquid spills, slippery substances or outdoor weather conditions
  • Failing to install slip-resistant maps at entryway doors used to absorb water accumulated during icy, snowing and wet weather conditions
  • Failing to install signage or barriers to warn visitors and workers of slippery or wet flooring
  • Failing to provide employees adequate training to identify, report and remedy the slippery hazard to eliminate the potential of falling

Many personal injury claims involving slippery floors on caused by the failure or negligence of others in charge of maintaining a safe and hazard free environment for everyone on the premises.

Seeking Financial Compensation

If you, or a loved one in your family, have suffered injuries from a slippery fall, you need to hire competent legal representation. The amount you obtained through your attorney should compensate all of your expenses including hospitalization and medical bills, lost wages, disfigurement, disability, mental anguish, pain, suffering and any other loss directly associated with the fall. Your lawyer will gather evidence to support your case and negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit to take your claim to trial.

A knowledgeable Hartford CT area personal injury attorney who handles slip and fall cases can ensure that your rights are protected while you seek compensation. The lawyer can offer their years of knowledge, negotiation skills, legal expertise, and dedication to fight for justice to ensure you receive a reasonable recovery for your injuries.

Contact us today to discuss your situation. . During your free, initial no obligation consultation, the attorney can evaluate your claim and offer a variety of legal options on how to hold those accountable for your injuries legally liable for your damages.


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