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Educational Backgrounds and SS Disability Benefits


What does the Social Security Administration evaluate before making a final disability benefits decision? While there are many factors that determine if you are eligible for social security disability, one of the most important factors is your educational background. Even though your work history and age are important factors in the outcome of a social security benefit case, it is important to remember your educational history. Your educational background can be the reason why your application gets denied.

When your social security disability application is reviewed, your educational background is checked to see if you can still work with your current health status. Your opinion on whether you can work or not is not a consideration on the application. The Social Security Administration has different criteria for disability eligibility. These factors include specific physical or mental conditions.

Some example conditions could be Lupus or chronic liver disease. If a specific condition is met on the list published by the Social Security Administration then education becomes less significant. Check if your disability is listed in “The Blue Book.” Generally, you can find a copy of this book at a social security office. It is also available online. If your condition is not listed in the book, your age, work and educational history is an important part of the application approval process.

If your educational history provided you with adequate skills to apply towards a less demanding job, then you might not obtain disability benefits. In some cases, people who are older with limited education would not have an easy time finding a new job. When this happens, the social security administration representatives typically acknowledges that these people would qualify for disability. However, you can provide in-depth medical records proving your disabilities with a qualified attorney's services. This process is known as the Medical Vocational Rules.

Even if you have advanced degrees, don't let that scare you away from applying for certain disability benefits. Not all skills are easily transferable to other less strenuous jobs. In order to best prepare for your social security benefit case, it is recommended that you hire a Connecticut Social Security Disability lawyer  By doing so, you improve your chances of getting the benefits that you qualify for. Eliminate application confusion and discover helpful answers by scheduling a consultation today.


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