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Social Security Disability

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Folks in North Carolina  are known for being hard workers with a strong sense of independence and self-sufficiency. So when an injury or illness has them laid up or out of work for a time, they often don't realize they can receive benefit payments from the Social Security Administration to help them make ends meet. Social Security isn't only a retirement program; it's a disability program as well. You paid taxes on your earnings while you were working and you have the right to collect disability benefits from Social Security if you can't work. If you are suffering from car accident injuries, a serious illness such as cancer, a workplace back injury or anything that keeps you from working, you may be eligible for SSD benefits, which can help you recover and get back on your feet.


What conditions qualify for disability?

You may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if you:

  • Are considered disabled due to injury, illness, or trauma
  • Have a mental or physical disability expected to last a year or result in death
  • Became disabled after the death of a spouse
  • Are injured due to an accident
  • Became disabled before you turned 22 years old
  • Became disabled after serving in the armed forces
  • Qualify for SSD benefits under a relative's disabled worker account

How much does disability pay per month?

The amount you receive in monthly disability benefits is based on your lifetime average earnings covered by Social Security.  If you receive certain government benefits, such as workers' compensation, public disability benefits, or pensions based on work not covered by Social Security, the Social Security benefits payable to you and your family may be reduced.

How long does it take to get a decision on disability?

If your application is approved, your first Social Security benefit will be paid for the sixth full month after the date it was determined your disability began. For example, if your disability began in June, your first benefit would be paid for the month of December, the sixth full month of disability. Social Security benefits are paid in the month following the month for which they're due. This means that the benefit due for December would be paid to you in January, if using the above as an example.

Who can help me with my disability claim?

The Social Security Administration has a specific definition of disability. If you meet their criteria, you may be eligible to receive monthly SSD payments, depending on certain other earnings requirements. Making a case that you're eligible to the SSA is another matter. It could be quite a challenge without an experienced SSD attorney.

The SSD lawyers at James F. Aspell, P.C. help the injured and disabled in Greensboro, NC Contact us at (860)523-8783 or online for a free evaluation. There is no obligation. You pay nothing unless we win your Greensboro NC SSD case.


Sadly, too many Greensboro residents don't  go after the SSD benefits they've worked so hard to pay into throughout their lives. Applying for Disability benefits is a complicated process and can be frustrating due to common SSD application mistakes that will delay or prevent SSD payments. It is also difficult to understand the difference between SSDI and SSI (Supplemental Security Income), so many folks give up altogether. Others won't submit an SSD application, because they have too much pride and think it's a hand-out. In fact, each of us has put money into the SSD FICA account with every hour we've worked, just as we deposit the rest of our paycheck into a personal bank account. As trusted SSD attorneys who have been helping Greensboro residents obtain SSD payments during tough times, we will help fight for your rights too!


Of the 2.5 million applications for SSD benefits the Social Security Administration receives each year, most SSD claims are rejected. With a tough SSD lawyer by your side, handling everything from filling out your application to an SSD claim appeal hearing, your chances of receiving SSD money increases exponentially. Don't fall for all the ads telling you to call Social Security "advocates." They don't have the legal experience and background that a disability lawyer can provide.

North Carolinal Security lawyers at James F. Aspell, P.C  know SSD law inside and out and will go to bat for you, every step of the way. Call us today at (860) 523-8783 for a free evaluation. All conversations are personalized and confidential, and we will help you get your life back. Serving Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas.

Hard-working Greensboro, NC workers  have been counting on us for over 30 years to fight hard for their rights and you can too. Call us today-we're the knowledgeable Social Security disability legal team you want on your side.


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