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Steps to Take after a Hartford area car accident

Steps to Take After a Hartford Car Accident

What should you do after a car, motorcycle, or truck accident happens in Connecticut ?

Many car crash victims are incapacitated after a collision and cannot immediately document the scene of the crash or make decisions about medical care.

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However, if you are able to do so, you should always take the following steps after a trucking crash:

1. Photograph the scene of the crash

Use your cell phone to take photos from many different angles and distances of the scene.

2. Gather witness information

You should take down the names and contact information for anyone involved in the collision, as well as any potential witnesses at the scene. The sooner your lawyer is able to speak with witnesses, the fresher the information will be if you need to present it to an insurance company or a jury.

3. Seek medical attention

If involved in a crash, you should go to the hospital immediately for an evaluation, even if you aren't sure about the severity of your injuries. It is important for a doctor to assess your injuries and to provide documentation. It can take hours and sometimes days for signs of serious and life-threatening injuries to appear after a crash. As such, you should always seek immediate medical attention.

4. Contact your insurance company

You will need to inform your insurance company that you were involved in a collision. Provide your insurance company with the facts, but do not offer any opinions about how the crash happened or who was at fault.

5. Seek help from an experienced Connecticut  accident attorney

As soon as possible, you should seek help from a trucking accident attorney. Your lawyer will advocate for your right to compensation and can speak with the insurance company and negotiate on your behalf.


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