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Getting Paid on Your Workers’ Comp Claim


How will I get paid after suffering an injury on the job in Connecticut?

If you have been injured on the job you are probably wondering what kinds of compensation you can expect to receive.  According to the state of Connecticut, workers' compensation can be paid for:

  • Medical treatment – This compensation is intended to cover the immediate treatment of the injury or illness that you suffered while on the job.
  • Temporary total disability – This is a wage replacement benefit which equals 75% of your average weekly pay after taxes and social security.
  • Temporary partial disability – You can claim this benefit if you are able to continue working after having been injured on the job, but in a different capacity than your previous work. This benefit equals 75% of the average weekly pay (after tax and social security), the difference between the amount you currently earn and the amount you would have been earning if you had not been injured.
  • Permanent partial disability – You can claim this benefit if you have suffered a permanent, partial loss of the use of one or more body parts. The calculation for your compensation under permanent partial disability is based on a predefined formulation.
  • Relapse or recurrence – You can claim this benefit if you suffer from a relapse or recurrence of a previous work-related injury while on the job. The calculation for your compensation under relapse or recurrence is based on a predefined formulation.
  • Discretionary benefits – You may qualify for discretionary benefits after you have been paid all of your permanent partial disability benefits.  Discretionary benefits are granted by a workers' compensation commissioner on a case by case basis.
  • Job retraining – You may qualify for job retraining if you have suffered a job-related injury, and due to the injury you are unable to return to the type of work that you previously performed.
  • Death – In addition to the above forms of compensation, compensation is also available to those who have lost a loved one due to work-related illness or injury.

When will I receive my first workers' compensation check?

The workers' compensation claim payout process, like all government processes, can vary in duration.  However, by working with a Connecticut workers' compensation attorney you can significantly speed up the resolution of your claim.

How much will I get paid for lost wages?

Every case is different. Your payout for lost wages will depend on a variety of factors and payment formulations. Contact us with the details of your case and we can provide you with more information about your potential compensation for lost wages.

Should I accept a lump sum settlement?

You should never agree to accept a workers' compensation lump sum settlement without speaking to an attorney first.  This is because, though the lump sum payout may be enticing, by accepting it you may unknowingly forfeit significant additional benefits.  For example, by accepting a lump sum you may give up your right to receive additional compensation, even if your injury or condition were to recur or relapse.

How do I pay my bills while waiting for my workers' compensation payments to start? 

Some solutions for making ends meet while you wait for your workers' compensation payments to start include:

  • Checking to see if your company has a disability or sickness and accident policy as part of your work benefits package
  • Utilizing any vacation or sick time you have available
  • Seeking family or community help

The best way to ensure that you receive the maximum for your workers' comp claim is to work with a qualified Bristol, Ct area attorney on your case. Jim Aspell is a Board Certified Connecticut workers compensation specialist and has over 30 years experience that will help you to put you in the best position to receive your highest payout. Call us now to discuss your case. There is no cost or obligation for the call. Call us at 860-500-1414 or contact us for a free in person or phone consultation.


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