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Portland Workers' Compensation Lawyer

I help people hurt on the job with their Connecticut Workers' Compensation claims. Welcome to my site.

Attorney Fees and Costs

There is no charge for office appointments and telephone conversations with our Portland workers' compensation lawyer. Attorneys representing clients in workers' compensation cases do not generate bills the way most other attorneys do. In Connecticut , all attorneys must work on a “contingent fee” basis when representing “claimants” (people hurt on the job).

Attorneys cannot bill the injured worker client by the hour or by the letter or brief, etc. One way an attorney can be paid is if a judge orders the insurer or employer to pay the attorney. Another way the attorney can be paid is through a settlement. The maximum fee is 20% of settlement funds, and is subject to approval by an Administrative Law Judge.

Costs are expenses that come from working on a case. The costs differ depending on the type of case. Fees and costs are discussed in detail during the initial appointment.

Do You Need an Attorney

Probably so. Ask your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, people at church and ask an attorney—ask everyone except a claims adjuster. Claims adjusters do not work for you. They work for insurance companies (or self-insured employers, etc.).

Win-Loss Record

Clients often ask about this. I understand the idea—they want a Portland workers' compensation attorney who knows what they are doing and wins cases. But workers' compensation attorneys are not baseball teams. Even if we did keep statistics, they would not make a lot of sense.

How would we score a case where the worker got an attorney involved soon after being hurt and, with the attorney's help, avoided litigation and received disability pay and medical care and returned to work. This would not be recorded on the win-loss chart, but is a good result for the worker and it happens often


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