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Connecticut Fatal Vehicle Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer


People rely on vehicles to get around, often forgetting how dangerous it can be to ride in a car or a motorcycle. Vehicles are especially dangerous because people must rely on themselves and others, in order to avoid accidents. Accidents can have fatal consequences for those involved, which is why if you have lost a loved one in an accident, you should consult a Connecticut  fatal vehicle accident wrongful death lawyer. Consult a compassionate and capable Hartford area wrongful death lawyer that will fight for you.

Wrongful Deaths Resulting from Car Collisions

When someone dies at the scene of a car accident, that becomes a wrongful death case. If the injured person later succumbs to their injury and dies as a result of that accident, a wrongful death case can be maintained.

Common Fact Patterns in Car Crashes

Fatal car accidents may occur anywhere and commonly occur where the vehicle is moving at a high rate of speed. State and US highways and interstates are the most common places for fatal car accidents to happen. However, they can happen anywhere.

The common fact patterns that surround fatal car accidents in Maryland are cases where the loved one was perhaps in a small car that was hit by a larger car or truck, and the vehicles were moving at a high rate of speed.

Steps the Surviving Legal Representative of the Deceased Should Take

The surviving legal representative or any beneficiary of the deceased should immediately call a Farmington, Connecticut fatal vehicle accident wrongful death lawyer to receive counsel to ensure they do not miss any steps. The legal representative or the beneficiary should collect all the information concerning the death and the accident so the attorney can move forward as quickly as possible.

When the at-fault driver behaves illegally, the case can evolve within a wrongful death and within a survival action. The beneficiaries may be able to sue for punitive damages against that person for acting illegally. A Connecticut  fatal vehicle accident wrongful death attorney could help them do so.

Wrongful Deaths Due to Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident becomes a wrongful death case when the injuries received by the loved one resulted in their death. Negligence in a motorcycle accident may be attributable to the at-fault driver more easily because a motorcycle rider is at risk. A motorcycle does not provide the normal protection found in a car or truck, which is also why a person should always wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle in Connecticut 

Who is the Plaintiff in Motorcycle Crash Wrongful Death Cases?

The plaintiff tends to be the person on a motorcycle. A motorcycle accident is like a two-party accident case. The authorities look at the factors in the accident and determine who is at fault for the accident. Fault for the accident might also involve the manufacturer of the motorcycle given that the rider has little protection and any fault with the manufacturer could be attributed to the accident. The injured party's Maryland fatal vehicle accident wrongful death lawyer could bring an action against the manufacturer as well as the at-fault driver who caused the accident.

Safety Measures Motorcycle Manufacturers Should Check Before Declaring a Bike Safe

There are many safety measures that motorcycle manufacturers must check. They include verification that the break system and lights works properly. They motorcycle manufacturer confirms that the engine is sound and will not fail the rider once they are riding, and ensures that all other workable parts are within the standard of care that a motorcycle manufacturer should have.

How a Connecticut  Fatal Vehicle Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help Survivors Seek Damages

An experienced Connecticut  fatal vehicle accident wrongful death lawyer can be instrumental in helping the survivors of the deceased pursue damages. The survivors of an individual who is in a fatal vehicle accident may seek economic and non-economic damages associated with the survival and wrongful death action. The economic damages are the loss of present and future income of the deceased. The non-economic damages are the loss of society, the pain and suffering of the vehicle rider, the loss of companionship or comfort, protection, care, attention, advice or counsel, and services. If an individual has lost a loved one in a fatal vehicle accident, they should speak with a passionate and determined attorney that could pursue justice for them and their loved ones.