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Bloomfield Workers Compensation Attorney

If you work in  one of the many businesses in Bloomfield, CT  and you are hurt on the job, you should take three very important steps as soon as possible to protect your rights to recover workers compensation.

Getting Treatment

First, report your injury to your employer. Let them know what happened. Be sure to report all your Bloomfield  workplace injuries, even the ones you do not think may be a big deal. If you don't report your injury, your employer may later claim that you made it up or that you were not actually injured on the job.

Second, get prompt medical care and treatment. This seems obvious, but in practice, many injured workers wait and work out their day's shift before they seek treatment. Don't wait. Get treated immediately after you report your injury. Your employer must pay you for a full day of work for the day that you were injured.

Third, file an official Form 30C workers' compensation claim, or better yet, retain the services of James Aspell, P.C. to correctly file your claim for free. Simply reporting your injury it to your employer, or receiving medical treatment, is not enough. You must file with the Workers' Compensation Commission as well as your employer in the correct, legal manner.  You must document your claim. If you don't do this, you will lose your eligibility for certain benefits. Neither the employer's report of injury nor an accident report satisfies this requirement. You must use the official form. If you are injured in a Bloomfield  workplace accident, you will file your claim with the Hartford  District Office.

Our Bloomfield work injury attorneys can help you file. You must complete a written Form 30C. This form, which is formally entitled “Notice of Claim for Compensation,” needs to be filed with the Workers' Compensation District Office for the location where the injury occurred. It also needs to be sent to your employer. You must file your official claim within one year of the date of your injury. If you don't file within the one-year deadline, you will lose your right to bring a claim.

Filing In The Right Place

Many Bloomfield workers get confused over where to file their workers' compensation claims. There is a very simple answer to this question: You must file your official workers' compensation claim in the District Office for the location where you were injured. This might be different from where you live or even from where your employer's facility is located. It's the place where you were hurt that determines where you file.

For example, if Sarah lives in Middletown and is dispatched from her usual place of employment in Waterbury to Bloomfield , and she is injured in a workplace accident in Bloomfield , Sarah must file her workers' compensation claim in the District Office in Hartford. She would not file in Waterbury (where her employer's facility is located) or in Middletown (where she lives). Rather, Sarah must file in the office coverieng the town where she sustained injury, in this case Hartford

Connecticut has eight District Offices, each of which represents several cities and towns within its geographical area. The District Offices are in Bridgeport, Hartford, Middletown, New Britain, New Haven, Norwich, Stamford, and Waterbury. It is important to file the workers' compensation claim in the correct District Office. Our Connecticut work injury attorneys can assist any worker injured in a workplace accident in Bloomfield  in filing their official workers' compensation claim.

Bloomfield  Workers' Compensation Timeline

Once you file your workers' compensation claim, the “typical” case, where the employer does not contest responsibility, usually flows in an organized manner. Here is a brief outline of the flow of a workers' compensation claim:

The employee is injured, reports the injury, receives initial medical care, and files an official workers' compensation claim. The employee should follow all physician treatment recommendations. The injured employee should retain legal counsel to represent their interests. The treating physician must determine the employee's present work capacity.

The employee selects an attending physician and follows treatment recommendations. Possible consultation with a specialist care provider and/or surgery, depending on the extent of the injury, might be necessary. The employer must pay Temporary Total Disability wage replacement benefits. The treating physician must provide appropriate medical care and continue to evaluate the employee's work capacity.

The employee receives continued medical care, and injury conditions improve. The employee can return to work, at least in partial capacity. If no light duty work is available, the employee is eligible to receive Temporary Partial Disability wage replacement benefits.

Let A Seasoned Bloomfield Workers Comp  Lawyer Help

The employee's injured conditions resolve, or injuries reach the point of maximum improvement. The employee is eligible for compensation for permanent injuries based upon the treating physician's evaluation. If the employee can't got back to work, they could be eligible for further discretionary benefits. They may have the ability to resolve their claim through a final settlement.
As you can see, even uncontested workers' compensation claims can be complex. Our workers' compensation attorneys stand ready to assist any Bloomfield  workers. We are here to help.  Call us today at 860-523-8783, or fill out our online contact form.


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