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Denial of a Workers Compensation Claim In Hartford

Experienced Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Hartford, Connecticut

Intro: When seeking benefits to compensate for your work-related injury, having your claim approved is crucial. However, employers and their insurance companies often try to deny claims initially. Don't be discouraged; an experienced workers' compensation attorney can help you fight back against a denial of a workers' compensation claim in Hartford.

What's Needed for a Workers' Compensation Claim Approval? To secure your workers' compensation benefits, you must have a medical provider's opinion stating that your job significantly contributed to your injury, along with a description of the required treatment. These documents are submitted to the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission (CWCC) to establish your case. In Hartford, it's the responsibility of the insurance company to decide whether to accept your workers' compensation claim or issue a denial.

Common Reasons for Workers' Comp Claim Denials: In Connecticut, many workers' comp claims, particularly those seeking disability benefits, are denied right from the start. Employers may argue that the injury did not occur at work, is related to non-work activities, or resulted from a preexisting condition. They might even claim the employee was intoxicated or not on the job when the injury occurred. These are tactics insurers use to prevent compensation payments. Thankfully, a denial in Hartford doesn't mean the end of your case.

Seek Legal Advice After a Denial: If your claim is denied, the first step is to consult a workers' compensation attorney in Hartford for a free evaluation. An attorney can review the denial reasons and chart the best course of action. They can request an emergency hearing with a workers' compensation commissioner to secure temporary benefits while your case is ongoing. Having an experienced advocate is essential for understanding and overcoming the denial, ensuring you receive necessary treatment and financial support.

Ensuring Future Medical Treatment Approval: To prevent future medical treatment denials on your workers' compensation claim, it's crucial to follow your doctor's recommendations diligently. Attend follow-up appointments, adhere to prescribed medications, and follow any physical therapy referrals. The insurance company is obligated to provide reasonable and necessary medical treatment, and your commitment to your recovery is equally important.

Consult a Hartford Attorney: When facing a denied workers' compensation claim in Hartford, remember that initial denials are common. Take action by contacting an attorney to guide you through the process of getting your claim approved by the CWCC. Don't let insurance companies determine the legitimacy of your claim; you have options.

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