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Side Impact Collisions

Connecticut  Side Impact Collision Lawyer 

Car accidents can be shocking and sometimes terrifying experiences. In the aftermath of an accident, your safety should be the first priority. Following that, it is important to know what your options are legally. The legal counsel of a Connecticut side impact collision lawyer can be invaluable in this stressful time.

If you have been involved in a side impact collision, otherwise known as a T-bone accident, consult with a qualified car accident attorney, and you can be confident that they will advocate for you.

What Constitutes a Side Impact Collision

A side impact collision occurs when a vehicle strikes another vehicle at the side. Typically, these types of side impact collisions occur when one vehicle fails to yield the right of way or fails to regard a highway safety signal or highway safety sign.

T-bone accidents can be very serious even though many cars, many modern vehicles have enhanced safety protocols for side impact. It is an area where passengers and drivers alike are vulnerable in the event of a high speed or high force collision.

Common Patterns Surrounding Side Impact Scenarios

There are a variety of common patterns from side impact collisions. The most common is when someone fails to yield the right of way and these occur at traffic signals notably when someone is making a left turn across oncoming traffic or when someone runs a red light.

They run the red light and then strike another vehicle unaware. This may also occur at intersections such as stop signs or yield signs when one party fails to properly abide by these signals that are placed for them.

Steps to Take Following a Collision

The first thing a person should do is make sure they assess the safety of themselves and their passengers to see if emergency medical treatment is needed. If it is, dial 911 and get the treatment the person needs right away.

Next, the person should follow the recommendations of emergency medical providers in the context of notifying treatment, setting up with a treatment specialist, and following up on appointments as recommended by a person's emergency medical providers.

After the person has done these things, it is important to contact an experienced Connecticut  side impact collision lawyer who can handle these cases because they have experience helping the person understand the legal procedures, legal language as the client moves forward with the case.

Damages a Victim of a Side Collision Can Recover

Typically, a person who was involved in a side impact collision is able to recover special damages that are lost wages and medical bills, as well as general damages including pain and suffering, inconvenience, and things that compensate them for experiencing a life event that they never wanted or expected.

While punitive damages would not typically be available in side impact collisions, there may be specific factual circumstances of the person's case that warrant the discussion of punitive damages. If a person is interested in talking about this more, a person should contact an experienced side impact attorney right away.

Common Side Effects

There are a variety of common effects of side impact collisions depending on the severity of the collision, the type of vehicles that are involved, and where the passengers are seated in the vehicle. Because side impact collisions often occur on more vulnerable parts of the vehicles, injuries are often severe.

This may include head injuries, wrist injuries, broken arms, broken wrists, broken legs, as well as serious whiplash injuries, and facial lacerations, and other types of injuries. Side impact injuries can be serious; they can also involve internal injuries when a driver or passenger is struck near their door and the door is forced into their vehicle.

Some of the mitigating factors for determining the types of injuries include the size and weight of the vehicle. For example, an SUV being struck by a smaller vehicle may have less serious types of injuries than the reverse scenario where a smaller vehicle is struck by a larger and heavier vehicle that sits higher at the point of impact.

There are a variety of different factors that can impact what type of injuries that one may expect in a side impact case. In the instance that a driver has sustained injuries, they should contact a Virginia side impact lawyer who can explain what legal actions they can take.

Benefits of Hiring an Accident Lawyer

An attorney will take the unique set of facts and the unique set of steps depending on every case. Every case is unique and an attorney of the parties can be expected to address the needs of that specific case. However, some general strategies are the same throughout all cases. This will include doing an investigation, getting to know their clients, requesting and going over medical bills, and doing things of that nature.

A competent Virginia side impact collision lawyer can explain what legal measures you can take. Furthermore, if you have sustained injuries, a skilled attorney can help you seek compensation for those injuries. Get in touch with a knowledgeable Connecticut accident injury lawyer lawyer who can try to hold the responsible parties accountable, and will fight for you.


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