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Nurses and other Health Care workers

Workers Comp for Connecticut Health Care Workers

Injured nurse in scrubs looking out hospital window

When it comes to high-risk occupations, healthcare and the medical industry stands near the top of the list. Instead of things like falls or explosions people may experience in the construction industry, or direct attacks and related injuries in law enforcement, healthcare workers are still at risk for workplace injuries and illnesses. One of the most common is exposure to infectious diseases. Also, repetitive injuries gotten when caring for patients frequently show up in workers' compensation claims.

If you work in a medical office, hospital, assisted living facility, nursing home, or similar healthcare location, you run the risk of contracting an illness or becoming injured due to negligence, lack of safety, equipment problems, and the patients themselves. Some specific examples include insufficient storage for use hypodermic needles, out-of-order equipment that is not sufficiently marked or maintained, COVID-19 and other airborne pathogen illnesses and even slip and fall accidents due to inefficient cleanups.

If any of these things occur, and you sustain an injury or contracting an illness from it, you may be in for very high medical care costs yourself. If you cannot return to work right away, you are also entitled to compensation for lost wages under Connecticut  workers' compensation guidelines.

Attorneys who operate in Hartford  and the surrounding area understand the challenge that surrounds getting an approval on a compensation claim. If you do not have legal representation helping you navigate the complicated process, you have a much higher chance of getting denied. To increase your chances of success, contact us for your free consultation.


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