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Can Chapter 7 Bankrupcty Help Me

Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

If you can't afford to pay your debts, it's a powerful option to consider. Many people have filed bankruptcy and come through it much improved, financially and psychologically.  Bankruptcy can often be the only logical path to financial freedom and fresh start, and getting free of the burden of debt can release creativity and strengthen families.  We explain the process, the pros and cons, the credit issues, and fees on this site.

So what is the concept of bankruptcy?  The bottom line is this: Most people with serious debt problems can make these problems go away if they go about it the right way.  While bankruptcy is very generous and helpful for people who are struggling with debt, it's not a free ride. Some of the downsides are discussed below, but for most people they are more scary than real.

The bottom line is that filing for bankruptcy in Connecticut  helps many people who simply cannot pay all their debts. Even though an aspect of it is negative, the reason for its enduring popularity is that almost everybody walks away with a net gain, financially and personally.  I am happy to explain your options and we offer a free consultation in our Farmington, CT Bankruptcy office.  Contact us today.


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