Form 43 Connecticut Workers Comp Denial


Did you receive a Ct Workers' Compensation Form 43 Denial?

An on the job injury in Connecticut  can change your life in many ways. From pain and suffering to the inability to do your job in the future, there will be a lot on your mind.

If you're unable to return to work after an injury suffered on the job, you'll want to consider the process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits.

You hope to receive an approval in the near future, meaning benefits won't be far behind. If this doesn't happen, you must understand why your claim was denied. Some of the more common reasons workers comp insurance deny claims might include :

  • Administrative error
  • You did not report your injury to your employer in time
  • You did not file a claim for benefits in time
  • Your employer disputes the claim that you were injured at work
  • You did not receive medical treatment after your injury
  • Your injury is similar to one you previously sustained
  • Your employer wants more time to investigate your Ct work injury claim

Some of these things may stop you from ever receiving workers' compensation benefits, but you'll never know for sure until you fight back. For example, an administrative error has nothing to do with you and everything to do with a mistake that another person has made.

Sometimes, a simple Connecticut workers comp appeal is all it takes to receive benefits. You'll probably be required to provide additional information, such as medical records and documentation from your doctor, and doing so might increase your chance of obtaining benefits sooner rather than later.

You should never let a workers' compensation denial turn a bad situation into one that is even more difficult to deal with. Instead, learn more about your legal rights and take the necessary steps in appealing the decision.


Learn Your Legal Rights After An Injury

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