How Important is Age in Gaining Social Security Disability Benefits?



age important in gaining disability benefitsA common question about disability benefits is about how old a person needs to be to qualify for Social Security benefits. People often assume these specific benefits only apply to the elderly population. However, this assumption is incorrect. While it is often true that people over the age of fifty are more likely to get disability benefits than people that are younger, it is still possible for younger people to obtain significant SSDI Benefits in Ohio.

Since disabilities can occur at any age, the Social Security Administration has an application procedure for both adults and children. Furthermore, the Social Security Administration created five different age group categories for adults applying for disability benefits. The first age range is from 18 to 44. The second age range is from 45 to 49. The next age group is 50 to 54. The following age group is 55 to 60. Finally, the last age group is 60 to 65. Sometimes there are exceptions made if you are extremely close to the next age group. It is entirely possible for the Social Security Administration to let you qualify for the next age range if you are less than a year away from it.

Each age group contains different requirements to gain disability benefits. The younger an adult is, the more other qualifying factors are considered before approving a disability application. According to the Social Security Administration, younger people are more able to do certain types of work. An example of this is when someone applies for disability benefits who has worked in a physically demanding job. Instead of automatically obtaining benefits, he or she has to prove inability to work a desk type of job as well. The exception to this rule applies to children under the age of 18. The social security disabilities application for children only focuses on severe mental or physical disabilities. I am happy to meet with you for a free consultation about your Connecticut SSD appeal if you have further questions about age concerns with your application or for your child.

If you need help with your disability application contact a n experienced Social Security Attorney in Connecticut  An experienced attorney will guide you through the whole disability process. Furthermore, he or she can recommend helpful resources to get you started on your application. Improve your chance of gaining disability benefits by getting experienced legal help.

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