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Wrist Injuries

Workers' Compensation for Wrist Injuries

An injured wrist can make it difficult to perform nearly any job, whether it's working in an office, driving a vehicle, swinging a hammer, or any other task. Even a seemingly minor wrist injury can impair your ability to work effectively.

If your wrist was hurt during the normal course of your job, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help you meet your financial needs.

Wrist Injuries In Connecticut

Thousands of workers suffer wrist injuries in Connecticut every year.. That's thousands of work hours missed and an unquantifiable amount of physical pain and financial stress on injured workers and their families.

The Law Offices of James F. Aspell, P.C., one of Connecticut's most experienced workers compensation law firms , is passionate about helping people recover compensation for wrist injuries, hand injuries  and all other types of trauma suffered on the job. We've been fighting successfully for injured workers since 2006 when our firm was founded by a workers' compensation specialist and we haven't stopped since.

How Did You Hurt Your Wrist?

Wrist injuries are not confined to any specific occupation. We have represented people in workers' comp cases involving wrist injuries suffered in dozens of different ways.

Just a few examples of the ways workers hurt their wrists include:

  • Years of typing or repetitive motion that leads to carpal tunnel syndrome  or cubital tunnel syndrome
  • de Quervain's syndrome, a condition causing pain in your wrist and thumb (visit the Mayo Clinic's website for in-depth information)
  • Wrist sprains and wrist strains from falling
  • Torn ligaments and tendons in the wrist from lifting or falling
  • Wrist injuries occurring along with hand and finger injuries, such as in an industrial accident, manufacturing accident, or vehicle accident

Remember, you or your attorney must correctly file your wrist injury claim within one year of the date it occurred to receive workers' compensation benefits.

No Substitute For Experience In Work Comp Cases

Wrist injury claims may seem like open-and-shut cases. If the injury happened at work, it seems logical enough that compensation should come automatically.

Far too often, employers' insurance carriers try to prevent injured Pennsylvania workers from getting the compensation they need. They are surprisingly successful. That is why being represented by an experienced attorney is so valuable—it enables you to fight back and seek the recovery you deserve.

With decades of of years of combined experience and thousands of work injury claims handled successfully, you can rely on Jim Aspell to work hard for you. We understand the Connecticut workers compensation system and how to navigate it. We have seen nearly every argument made against workers in wrist injury cases, and we know how to counter them.

Confused about what to do after an injury? Let's make sure you're on the right path  towards the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Put Us To Work For You After A Work-Related Wrist Injury

Don't let a wrist injury jeopardize your family's financial health. Let the Connecticut workers' compensation lawyers of James F. Aspell, P.C. go to work for you. With more multiple 5 star  positive reviews from past clients on Google, we hope you will feel confident knowing you're choosing the right law firm to fight for your claim.

Call 860-500-1414 to arrange your free attorney consultation, where we'll explain what you're facing and how we can help. 

If the idea of paying for a lawyer is holding you back, please know that we handle all workers' compensation claims on a contingency basis, so you won't have to pay attorney's fees unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf.


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