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If you're an employee in Bristol, you should recognize your options if you suffer an injury at work. Unfortunately, you can sustain some of the most catastrophic damages, and you need to pursue a settlement for your damages. Working with a Connecticut Board certified workers' comp law firm throughout the process can help you obtain the outcome you need moving forward. At James F. Aspell, P.C. we're committed to protecting your rights under Connecticut law, and to providing you with the legal help you need to get through the process in the most favorable way possible.

Our workers' compensation attorneys in Bristol, Connecticut will be by your side through every step of the process, working to ensure an accurate and relevant claim. Before you move forward with your claim after you are hurt at work, it's vital to recognize what compensation you may recover for your damages. Below, we'll explain what your compensation may cover, as well as help you understand how a Bristol work injury  lawyer can help you. Here are the different damages you can get help with under the Connecticut Workers Compensation Act.

  • Hospital stays and doctor visits: You may be able to receive compensation that covers your initial hospital stay for your injury and procedure, as well as your ongoing doctor visits, including your co-pays and any other out of pocket expenses.
  • Lost wages and physical rehabilitation: You may be able to recover compensation for money you cannot earn should your physical trauma force you out of work for an extensive amount of time. If you need physical rehabilitation to get back into the workforce or to get back to a higher quality of life.
  • Medical bills: Your overall medical bills can encompass any expenses you pay for care, including specialized medical equipment, medication, and ongoing harm. Medical bills can also include imaging and any other tests needed to diagnose your injury.
  • Compensation for Permanent Disability: Workers Compensation payments to compensate you for a percentage of disability to a scheduled body part.

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How Our Bristol Workers' Compensation Attorneys Help You

In Connecticut  all employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, this doesn't always guarantee you will be able to obtain compensation if you're hurt at work. If you're injured while working, you may need to file a claim, but insurance adjusters often prioritize profits over people. It becomes increasingly important to have an experienced  workers' comp attorney after you're injured while working. Here's how our insurance claims lawyers serving Bristol, Conn. can help you:

  • Filing your claim: After your injury, you want to report the incident to your employer and file a claim. However, the information you provide in your claim can make or break your case. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process to file accurate and timely paperwork.
  • Settlement negotiations: Insurance companies care about their profits. Because of this, their settlement offers are often much less than you should receive, and you may not be sure how to negotiate a higher amount. Our expert litigation team will help you negotiate a higher amount with your losses in mind.
  • Handling Routine claims matters: If insurance companies deny you your mileage, or fail to authorize treatment, we can request a hearing in the Connecticut workers comp Commission to have a compensation judge award you these benefits.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, know that claims adjusters use various tactics to try and minimize or deny your claim. We'll work with you to protect your best interests and provide you with the trusted advocacy to safeguard your claim for compensation.

Types of Workplace Injuries in Bristol, Connecticut, California

Unfortunately, several serious injuries can occur in the workplace because of negligent, lack of training, and other issues. It's vital to recognize what injuries you may sustain that allow you to file a workers' compensation claim under California law. Here are some of the more common injuries and conditions we can help you file a claim for:

  • Repetitive motion stress, which occurs when performing the same actions over and over
  • Strains and sprains, such as ankle or wrist sprains, neck strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • Neck injuries, resulting from slip and falls or falls from high work areas
  • Back injuries, resulting from lifting incidents, slip and falls, and falls from heights
  • Head injuries, resulting from falling objects, slip and falls, falls from heights, etc. 
  • Chemical exposure, which can cause serious medical conditions and illnesses from prolonged exposure in specific workplaces

While some of the injuries you may sustain can seem minor, some of them can cause you to miss a significant amount of time from work. Our knowledgeable, professional team can guide you through the process and pursue the compensation you need.

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Under Connecticut  workers' comp law, you must file a claim with your employer and the Workers Compensation Commission to recover benefits. In the event your employer does not carry this type of coverage, your employer may receive a fine and you can pursue additional avenues to obtain the compensation you need and deserve. During this entire process, you should work with a law firm that knows how to get the job done right.

At The Law Offices of James F. Aspell, P.C.  we are here for you. We genuinely care about getting the results you need and deserve for your injuries. We understand ways insurance companies try to deny claims and we know how to combat these tactics. You can trust that our team will be by your side every step of the way, going above and beyond to be your voice and help you move forward.

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