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Common Breeds Attacking


Most Common Dog Breeds Involved in Attacks

Hartford dog attack attorney Jim Aspell helps help those who have been injured by dog breeds like rottweilers,  german shepherds, and pit bulls. Unfortunately, the reality is that any type of dog can cause a dog attack that results in serious injury to a victim. Any dog can become defensive and lash out at an innocent victim if it is feeling anxious or afraid. Farmington, CT  injury attorneys help victims understand their legal rights and start the process of recovering compensation for their injuries.

Dog Bite Injuries


Are Certain Breeds More Vicious Than Others?

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In the world of pet ownership, one of the most recent controversial topics concerns whether certain dog breeds are more vicious than others. There is an ongoing debate as to whether pit bulls are a dangerous breed of dog. A recent AVMA research study, “Dog Bite Risk and Prevention: The Role of Breed,” suggests that breeds like pit bulls are not actually more dangerous than other breeds of dogs. What may be the case is that owners of stigmatized breeds, such as pit bulls  tend to be more involved in violent or dangerous acts than other owners. These types of owners may treat pit bulls in an abusive fashion, and this can be a contributing factor that causes the pit bull to lash out at an innocent victim.

The research study also indicated that dogs which may actually be more aggressive in nature tend to be smaller or mid-size dogs. Dogs like Shih Tsu and dachshund  may have a greater tendency to bite due to their fear of the size of humans. Small dogs tend to feel a greater vulnerability due to their size, and this may cause them to become engaged in dog attacks.

Controlling Dangerous Dog Breeds

Outright dog breed bans have not proven to be very successful in decreasing the number of dog attacks or dog bites that occur. Dog bite statutes that are regularly enforced have proven to be successful in reducing the number of dog attacks in an area. These laws typically require that dog owners register a pet with the city or that pet owners keep dogs in fenced areas.

In Connecticut  dog owners have a responsibility to keep dogs restrained at all times. Dog owners may not allow their dogs to roam in an unleashed fashion in the city. Dog owners must also ensure that dogs do not wander onto the property of another person. In addition, dog owners are required to ensure that their dogs have received vaccinations to prevent the occurrence of rabies.

Dog Owners' Liability After Dog Attacks

If an owner's dog is involved in a dog attack, then he or she may be liable for the injuries that an individual has suffered. In Hartford , a dog owner may not be liable for injuries resulting from a dog attack if the victim originally provoked the attack. In all other cases, however, the dog owner will be liable for the full amount of damages that a victim suffers.

Even if a dog has only bitten an individual one time, a dog owner may still be liable for the injuries that a victim suffers. Even owners of non-violent dogs are liable for the injuries that other people suffer. State laws may differ in whether they adopt a “one-bite statute.” In Connecticut , however, the statute clearly states that an owner shall be liable for the full amount of damages that result from a dog attack or attempted dog attack.

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Our Farmington, CT  dog bite & injury attorney is  available to help victims who have been injured as a result of any type of dog attack. Whether you have been injured by a pit bull or seemingly non-violent dog, you may be eligible to obtain compensation. Our team understand that this is a difficult time for you and can can offer an initial review  of your case at no cost.


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