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Degloving Injuries

In the  state of Connecticut, employees who have endured the trauma of degloving injuries in the workplace are actively represented by law firms specializing in workers' compensation. Recognized as among the most harrowing types of workplace injuries, degloving incidents entail the severe detachment of skin, akin to the removal of a glove, revealing underlying bones and muscles. At James F. Aspell, P.C. we are experienced Connecticut degloving accident lawyers.

This type of injury, clinically referred to as avulsion, is not limited to any specific part of the body but is alarmingly common in the hands. It leaves the victim with a horrific sight of exposed veins, muscles, bones, and significant bleeding. Such injuries are considered medical emergencies, propelling the victim onto a daunting path of recovery.

Degloving injuries frequently occur in environments where employees interact with machinery, such as conveyor belts, where limbs can easily be ensnared. These injuries may also result from contact with caustic substances that strip away skin or from defective equipment. Moreover, severe vehicular collisions, especially while performing work-related duties like deliveries or errands, could lead to degloving injuries that are generally covered by workers' compensation.

There are two distinct categories of degloving injuries: open and closed. Open degloving injuries involve the clear stripping away of skin, whereas closed degloving injuries create a concealed space beneath the skin surface, both of which are critically serious.

Victims of degloving injuries may have the right to pursue claims not only through workers' compensation but also against third parties liable for the accident, such as manufacturers of faulty machinery.

Treatment for degloving injuries may range from amputation in extreme cases to multiple surgical interventions aimed at salvaging and repairing living tissue. The risk of infection is significantly high due to the lack of a protective skin barrier, necessitating immediate and aggressive measures to prevent infection. Treatment options might include revascularization efforts or skin grafting, which unfortunately results in considerable scarring and requires extensive physical therapy for the victim to regain the use of the affected limb.

The financial and emotional toll of degloving injuries is enormous, not only due to the extensive and painful treatment required but also because of the potential for permanent nerve damage and disfigurement. Victims often face a long-term dependency on pain management medications, with some experiencing chronic pain indefinitely.

For individuals in Connecticut facing the aftermath of a degloving injury incurred at work, seeking representation from a law firm with deep expertise in workers' compensation is crucial. These law firms are dedicated to advocating for the rights of employees, ensuring they receive the necessary legal guidance and support throughout their recovery journey and legal proceedings. If you or a loved one has suffered such a distressing injury, it's essential to consult with a seasoned legal team that can navigate the complexities of workers' compensation and third-party claims, aiming to secure the compensation and care deserved. Call us today at 860-523-8783 for an experienced evaluation of your claim.



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