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Bicycle Accident Basics

Hartford  Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Motorists frequently fail to watch for bicycles, and often they do not follow the rules enacted to keep bicyclists safe on the roads. As a result, bicycle accidents become a common, yet unfortunate occurrence. When an unprotected cyclist collides with a car, truck, or other vehicle, the damages may be catastrophic.

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle collision, it may be worthwhile to consult a knowledgeable Hartford, CT bicycle accident lawyer. Depending upon the circumstances of your accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your damages. To find out more about obtaining payment for your damages, schedule a consultation today.

How Could a Victim Establish Liability in a Connecticut Cycling Accident Claim?

Although motorists often bear responsibility for causing accidents, attorneys representing the insurers frequently try to blame actions of the cyclist instead. To recover damages, an injured cyclist would need to prove that negligent actions on the part of others caused the accident.

In order to prove negligence, it strongly recommended to collect and preserve evidence of causation. Considering the possibility of the scene of the accident is likely to look different, photos should be taken as close to the time of the accident as possible. Examples of valuable pieces of evidence include video footage from a nearby camera, photographs of the scene of the accident, and accounts from witnesses. A Hartford  bicycle accident lawyer could start collecting and preserving evidence right away in order to build a convincing injury claim.

What is Comparative Fault in Connecticut?

Even if the cyclist is partially to blame for a collision, they may still be entitled to receive compensation for harm suffered in the accident.

Under the state's comparative fault rules, an injured individual may obtain compensation even if they bear some of the responsibility for causing the accident. However, the amount recovered would be reduced proportionately to the share of responsibility. For instance, if a motorist is found to be 90 percent at fault for failing to allow sufficient room when passing a cyclist and a bicyclist is determined to be 10 percent at fault for not riding as close as possible to the curb, then the amount of damages awarded to the cyclist would be reduced by 10 percent.

Laws Specifically Protecting the Safety of Bicyclists

Bicycles are smaller and slower than other vehicles on the road, and riders do not have an enclosure around them to protect them in case of accidents. Recognizing this, lawmakers have enacted special rules to make it safer for bicycles to share the roads with motorized vehicles. These laws place some responsibilities on cyclists, others on motorists, and some requirements on both. For example, according to Connecticut law,  bicyclists are required to signal turns just like motorists are required to do so.

Work with a Hartford Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation to cover your medical bills and future medical needs, including physical therapy. You may also receive compensation for time missed from work and non-economic losses such as emotional distress and pain.

It is a good idea to consult a knowledgeable Hartford  bicycle accident lawyer soon after an accident. Advice from an attorney could prevent you from making statements or taking actions that could interfere with your right to recovery. For a free consultation to learn more, call now.


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