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Catastrophic Motorcycle Injuries in Connecticut


A catastrophic motorcycle accident can often cause severe injuries on behalf of the individual involved. These injuries can sometimes be life threatening, requiring both intensive and lengthy care. If you have been involved in such an accident at no fault of your own, it is important that you contact an experienced  Hartford catastrophic injury lawyer  immediately. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to gather all the evidence necessary and prepare a proper defense to help ensure a successful outcome.

Defining a Motorcycle Injury

A catastrophic injury caused by a motorcycle accident involves an injury which is severe in nature and typically affects the spine or the brain, and may also include a skull or spinal fractures. These injuries can often be incredibly severe, and could cause any degree of disability for an extended period of time.

An individual involved may lose their current job, or may not be able to achieve gainful employment in the future.

Compliance with the Law

Motorcycles are required to comply with all motor vehicle laws in the State of Connecticut as would any other traditional vehicles. Motorcycles are required to have the minimum insurance as required by Connecticut law to the same extent as any other vehicle.

Potential Injuries

Catastrophic motorcycle accidents can produce a multitude of problems that can result in significant or severe injuries to the operator of the motorcycle. These typically involve very severe injuries to the spine, spinal cord, head and skull. It can often include skull fractures or spinal fractures.

Traumatic brain injuries can often be a common injury associated with a catastrophic motorcycle accident. A traumatic brain injury is trauma to the head or skull which can occur as the result of an acute event.

Some aspects that may increase the nature and extent of the catastrophic injury sustained depend on the facts and circumstances of the motorcycle collision. Each collision is unique, and a qualified or trained attorney would be able to assist the injured person in evaluating the claim and work toward receiving the best recovery possible.

Benefits of an Attorney

A motorcycle crash attorney in Connecticut can help anyone involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident by investigating the claim and advising the injured person as to any and all avenues of recovery available to him or her.

The injuries suffered from a catastrophic motorcycle accident can sometimes be more severe than typical motor vehicle accidents or motor vehicle collisions. However, each claim is evaluated based on the facts and circumstances giving rise to the collision and each injured person is advised as to the best possible avenue of recovery to compensate for his or her injury.



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