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Traffic Accidents While Working

Injured in a Work-Related Traffic Accident in Connecticut? Understand Your Rights!

Experiencing a traffic accident during work hours in Connecticut is unfortunately frequent. The pressing concern here is establishing liability. Central to this is whether the employee was performing work-related duties during the mishap. If verified, the employer is usually deemed liable.

Per the "respondent superior" principle, employers bear responsibility for their employees' actions during work tasks. Examples of activities 'within the scope of employment' in Connecticut encompass:

  • Commuting to/from work
  • Transporting work supplies
  • Ferrying colleagues for work purposes
  • Procuring office lunch

Such instances could lead to employers being held accountable for accident-induced damages, encompassing medical costs, property repairs, personal expenses, and even missed salary. Generally, an employer's liability insurance shields employees against claims from third parties. So, even if the worker is deemed responsible for the accident, the insurance typically covers possible third-party injury claims.

Connecticut Third-Party Claims:

If another driver hits you during work in Connecticut, there's potential to claim against them—termed "third-party claim". Should the other motorist be proven negligent, you can lodge a third-party claim for incurred injuries, retrieving medical fees, lost income, and even compensation for distress.

Facing a work-linked car crash in Connecticut can be daunting, but understanding your entitlements streamlines the procedure. At James F. Aspell, P.C. we specialize in both workers' compensation and personal injury relating to vehicle incidents. Partnering with an attorney ensures your rights are championed, especially when navigating such legal complexities. Given the daily prevalence of such accidents, leading to significant compensation payouts, our seasoned attorneys strive to secure the recompense you're entitled to.

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