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Understanding Scarring Awards in Connecticut Workers Comp: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by James Aspell | Sep 07, 2023 | 0 Comments


Navigating the complex landscape of workers' compensation in Connecticut can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the nuances of scarring awards. This guide seeks to shed light on the vital aspects, including eligibility, calculation, and the claiming process of scarring awards within the state's workers' compensation framework. Let's delve deep into this intricate topic and offer you the detailed insights that you need.

Section 1: The Fundamentals of Connecticut Workers Comp

What Constitutes a Scarring Award

In Connecticut, scarring awards represent a type of compensation that workers can receive if they have sustained a permanent scar or disfigurement due to a workplace injury. These awards are particularly pertinent for those who have scars that are visible and could potentially impact their future employability or personal well-being.

Legal Provisions Governing Scarring Awards

The legal provisions governing these awards are outlined in the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Act, which serves as a protective framework ensuring that employees receive adequate compensation for the injuries sustained during the course of their employment.

Section 2: Eligibility Criteria for Scarring Awards

Determining Eligibility

To be eligible for a scarring award, the scar should be a result of a workplace injury. Furthermore, the scar must be permanent and, in most cases, limited to the face or neck or in some other way impact the Claimant's ability to earn a living, thus  having a substantial impact on the individual's personal or professional life.

Time Frame for Claiming

In general, a scarring claim can be initiated one year post the occurrence of the scar, allowing the scar to stabilize and reach a point where its permanency can be determined with certainty.

Section 3: Calculation of Scarring Awards

Factors Influencing the Amount

The calculation of a scarring award is influenced by various factors such as the location and size of the scar, its visibility, and the degree to which it affects the individual's ability to secure employment or enjoy a normal life.

Methods of Calculation

Typically, the calculation involves assessing the severity and the impact of the scar, which then determines the quantum of compensation. This can include a combination of medical evaluations and assessments of how the scar impacts the individual's day-to-day life.

Section 4: Claiming Process for Scarring Awards

Initiating the Claim

Initiating a claim involves notifying your employer about the injury and then filing a formal claim with the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission.

Medical Documentation

To substantiate your claim, you will need to present medical documentation that details the extent and permanency of the scar, including reports from specialists if necessary.

Legal Assistance

Given the complexity of these claims, seeking legal assistance can be beneficial. Legal experts can guide you through the process, helping you gather the necessary documentation and representing your interests during hearings.

Section 5: Tips for Maximizing Your Scarring Award

Gathering Evidence

Collecting comprehensive evidence, including photographs and medical records, can strengthen your case and potentially increase the amount of your award.

Expert Testimonies

Engaging with experts who can testify to the extent of your disfigurement and its impact on your life can also play a crucial role in maximizing your award.

Negotiating Settlements

Understanding the art of negotiation can be vital, as you might find yourself in a position where negotiating a settlement is the best course of action.


In the dynamic and often complex sphere of Connecticut Workers Comp, understanding and successfully navigating the intricacies of scarring awards is of paramount importance. By acquainting yourself with the vital facets, from eligibility to the claiming process, you equip yourself to secure the compensation that rightfully belongs to you. Remember, knowledge is power, and in this context, it is your stepping stone to justice and fair recompense.


  1. Can I claim a scarring award for an old workplace injury?

    Yes, provided it falls within the stipulated time frame as per the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Act, which generally allows you to initiate a claim up to one year from the date of the scar stabilization.

  2. What kind of legal assistance is beneficial for scarring claims?

    Legal assistance from attorneys specializing in workers' compensation claims can be beneficial as they can help navigate the complex legal landscape and maximize your award.

  3. How is the visibility of a scar assessed for a scarring award?

    The visibility of a scar is usually assessed based on its location and size, along with the extent to which it impacts an individual's personal or professional life.

  4. Are there any specific medical documents required to substantiate a scarring claim?

    Medical documents such as detailed reports from specialists, photographs of the scar over time, and documentation showcasing the permanency and impact of the scar are generally required.

  5. Can I negotiate my scarring award settlement?

    Yes, with proper legal guidance, you can negotiate your settlement to ensure you receive the compensation that adequately reflects the severity and impact of your scar.

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