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The Clumsy Plumber: A New Years Workers Compensation Tale

Posted by James Aspell | Jan 01, 2024 | 0 Comments

In a small town, not far nor near,
Lived a plumber, known far and clear.
For his skills were unique,
Though his prospects seemed bleak,
As he stumbled into the New Year.

His name was Bob, cheerful and bright,
But his plumbing? A curious sight.
For each pipe he would fix,
Two would burst, quite a mix,
And his toolbox was never quite right.

Bob's mishaps were the talk of the town,
From the mayor to the kids, they'd frown.
For each New Year's Day fest,
Bob's work was a jest,
With a flood or a leak going down.

This year, as the fireworks soared,
Bob resolved, "No accidents, I'm bored!"
So he tightened his belt,
For the hand he was dealt,
And to clumsy no more, he implored.

The first job of the year was a test,
Mrs. Green's kitchen sink, quite the pest.
Bob arrived with his tools,
Recalled safety in schools,
"I'll fix this, no more being a jest!"

He crawled under the sink with care,
Avoided the cat with its stare.
But a wrench slipped away,
What a start to his day,
Yet Bob, undeterred, did not swear.

With determination in his heart,
Bob continued, playing his part.
Though a pipe gave a crack,
Bob was right on the track,
Mending it with an artisan's art.

Days passed, and Bob's fame did grow,
For a plumber who'd conquered his woe.
Each pipe and each drain,
Fixed right, no more pain,
And the town's respect started to show.

February was smooth, a delight,
Not a single call in the night.
Bob's confidence rose,
As did his cheerful repose,
For now, his work was just right.

March brought the spring's gentle rain,
And with it, new challenges, a chain.
But Bob tackled each one,
With skill, and with fun,
And avoided his usual bane.

As April's showers did bloom,
Bob whistled a tune in each room.
For no longer did he fear,
Leaks, bursts, or a tear,
His toolbox now a source of boom.

Summer arrived with its heat,
And Bob faced it without defeat.
Each air conditioner hummed,
As his reputation plumbed,
In a rhythm smooth and neat.

Autumn leaves fell, golden and red,
Bob admired them, free from dread.
Pipes insulated well,
He had stories to tell,
Of a year where no water mislead.

Then came December, crisp and clear,
A full year passed, Bob's best, it's clear.
With a smile, he recalled,
How he had been enthralled,
By his resolution, made with cheer.

As the town gathered for the New Year's cheer,
Bob was hailed, a hero sincere.
For a year with no claims,
And no clumsy shames,
Bob's resolution was his career's premiere.

He stood there, under the bright light,
Recalling each fix, each pipe, each fight.
With a wrench in his hand,
And a band for the band,
Bob was now plumbing's knight.

The clock struck twelve, the crowd did cheer,
Bob toasted to the New Year.
With a laugh, he proclaimed,
"My clumsiness, tamed,
Here's to another year without fear!"

So here's the tale of Bob, the plumber,
Who turned his trade into a wonder.
From clumsy to skilled,
His resolution fulfilled,
In a year that tore his old image asunder.

May this story bring a smile, a light,
Of a plumber who made his work right.
For in each of us lies,
A Bob who tries,
To make our New Year's resolutions take flight.

Happy New Year from all of us at James F. Aspell, P.C.  


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