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Construction Accidents: Injuries from Scissor Lifts

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Construction Accidents: Injuries from Scissor LiftsT

Scissor lifts offer a safe and convenient way to move workers vertically and to different locations in several industries including construction, manufacturing, and entertainment. Scissor lifts have a platform where the workers stand to do their work, and the hydraulic lift raises them to the required height. Although they do come with some inherent hazards, scissor lifts are safe when they are maintained properly and used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Workers also need to be trained in how to use a scissor lift safely, and the equipment need to be inspected and maintained.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a hazard alert for the use of scissor lifts after they investigated ten preventable fatalities and 20 preventable injuries that were the result of using scissor lifts in the workplace. In their investigations, OSHA found that the common themes among the incidents were related to a lack of fall protection, improper stabilization and positioning.

In September 2016, a construction worker was killed when the scissor lift he was working with crashed to the ground from the eighth floor where he was working. OSHA is investigating that accident, but it is an example of what can go wrong when workers use equipment without sufficient training, or when the equipment malfunctions during use.

Sadly, many Connecticut workers are injured every year while working on man lifts, scissor lifts, and other elevating platforms. Most of these incidents lead to very serious traumatic injuries and can possibly lead to the worker's death.

A worker who suffers a serious injury or death while using a scissor lift in the workplace may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In Connecticut , a worker who suffers an injury on the job, or who contracts an occupational disease from workplace exposure should  report the injury or illness to their employer immediately. They must also file a formal claim for workers compensation benefits with the Connecticut workers compensation Commission.  If you retain the services of a workers comp lawyer, they will perform this crucial step for you without charge..  Workers Compensation is a statutory plan to provide benefits, which include medical expenses and a partial wage-replacement benefit payment. There are other benefits which include death benefits for surviving family members of workers who are killed in a workplace accident or because of an occupational disease, and lump sum payments for loss of use, partial permanent disability and other benefits.

Scissor lift accidents caused by defective equipment

Some scissor lift accidents can occur because the equipment did not operate as it was supposed to because it was defective. Also, if a worker is injured using a scissor lift that was supplied by a rental company and it malfunctions, the rental company may be held liable for the worker's injuries if they cannot prove that the unit was thoroughly inspected and had up-to-date maintenance records.

If a defective scissor lift caused a worker's injury, they may be able to file a third party personal injury or product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or other responsible party. An experienced, Connecticut   workers' compensation attorney can protect a worker's right to fair compensation for their injuries, and make sure that the responsible parties are brought to justice.

If you have suffered a serious workplace injury or received a diagnosis of an occupational disease, our workers’ compensation attorneys assist you by developing a successful claim for benefits. We can also represent you in any kind of dispute in your workers' compensation case. Please call  860-523-8783, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Farmington, Hartford, Bristol and New Britain.

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