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Broken Fibula Workers Comp Settlement: Her is What You Need To Know

Posted by James Aspell | Dec 08, 2023 | 0 Comments

What Should I Know About Broken Fibula Workers Comp Settlements?

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When it comes to broken fibula workers' comp settlements, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Firstly, it's crucial to understand that a broken leg, although seemingly minor, can lead to significant complications. While some individuals recover relatively quickly and return to work within a few weeks, others may experience longer-term disabilities and require assistance transitioning into new careers. Employees with a broken fibula may face significant medical issues, with some even requiring a surgical procedure known as an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). This surgery involves the placement of screws, plates, rods, wires, or nails inside the bones to properly align and stabilize them. Following this procedure, it is common to experience extended work restrictions, as walking can become challenging and interfere with essential job duties. In such cases, workers' compensation should cover both medical treatment and lost wages. A broken fibula workers' comp settlement offers individuals the opportunity to complete their medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation according to their own terms. The specific amount awarded in a settlement can vary and is determined based on factors such as future medical needs and the expected duration of the disability. Insurance companies aim to avoid overpayment and, as a result, it is advisable to engage the services of a lawyer to ensure a fair settlement is reached. It is crucial to establish a comprehensive treatment plan with a surgeon, taking into account future medical costs such as physical therapy and prescription medications. Additionally, some individuals may require attendant care to assist with daily activities, which can significantly impact the value of a work injury claim and should not be overlooked during the evaluation of a broken fibula workers' comp settlement. To substantiate ongoing disability, the development of medical evidence is essential. A doctor must explain how the broken fibula hampers an employee from performing their job and establish suitable work restrictions. The more wage loss benefits required under workers' compensation, the higher the potential settlement amount. It is important to note that there is no specified average settlement amount for broken fibula workers' comp cases in a specific region. The amount awarded is contingent upon various factors, including future medical needs, the duration of disability, age, education, and occupation. If you require assistance with a potential broken fibula workers' comp settlement, it is recommended to consult with an experienced work injury attorney. They can provide personalized guidance and offer a free consultation to evaluate your case without any cost or obligation to you.

Why Is A Settlement Beneficial For A Worker With A Broken Fibula?

A settlement for workers with a broken fibula can be highly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it allows individuals to have control over their medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation, enabling them to make decisions based on their own needs and preferences. The amount paid for the settlement depends on factors such as the anticipated future medical requirements and the duration of disability. Insurance companies have a comprehensive understanding of claim values and aim to avoid overpaying. To ensure a fair settlement amount, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who can advocate for the injured worker's rights. When it comes to a broken fibula workers' compensation settlement, it typically provides sufficient funds to cover medical treatment expenses as well as wage loss benefits for several years. This financial support can alleviate the financial burden associated with ongoing medical appointments, rehabilitation, and potential loss of income. One must remain cautious of insurance companies that may present low-ball settlements based on biased medical and vocational opinions. By hiring legal representation, individuals can safeguard themselves against such tactics and work towards obtaining a settlement that accurately reflects their needs and losses. In summary, a settlement for workers with a broken fibula is beneficial as it provides the injured party with autonomy over their medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation. It grants the necessary financial support to cover medical expenses and wage loss benefits for an extended period. Hiring a lawyer can help ensure a just settlement is obtained, protecting the injured worker's rights and preventing any undervaluation of their claim.

What Else Should I Consider When Settling a Fractured Fibula Workers Comp Case?

1. What potential tactic might insurance companies use to reduce the settlement amount?
Insurance companies may attempt to use something called post-injury wage earning capacity (PIWEC) as a tactic to reduce the amount that should be paid in the settlement. It is essential to be vigilant and watch out for this strategy employed by insurance companies, as it can potentially diminish the rightful compensation for the broken fibula workers' comp settlement.
2. How does continuing disability and work restrictions impact the settlement amount?
Continuing disability plays a significant role in determining the settlement amount for a broken fibula workers' comp case. A doctor needs to explain how the broken fibula impairs the employee's ability to perform their job. The establishment of work restrictions based on the injury can lead to higher wage loss benefits, ultimately influencing the overall settlement amount.
3. How can the opinion of 'independent' doctors hired by the insurance company affect the evaluation of medical costs?
It is important not to blindly accept opinions from 'independent' doctors hired by the insurance company. These doctors may downplay the future medical costs associated with a broken fibula. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully evaluate and consider these opinions to ensure a fair assessment of the medical costs required for the workers' comp settlement.
4. What other medical costs should be considered besides the surgical procedure?
In addition to the surgical procedure, other medical costs to consider in a broken fibula workers' comp settlement include physical therapy and prescription medications. Some individuals may also require attendant care to assist with daily activities, which can significantly increase the overall cost of the work injury claim.

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