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Amazon Injuries in Connecticut

Amazon Injuries in Connecticut

Posted by James Aspell | Apr 09, 2019 | 0 Comments

Amazon is one of the largest employers in the Connecticut As a global leader in the shopping and deliver logistics, Amazon employs a wide range of people in Connecticut from ooffice professionals, to drivers, to package handlers. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are a major issue at every company. If you are an Amazon employee who was hurt while on the job, whether you were working on the road, on the plant floor or in the office, you need to know how to protect your legal rights At The Law Offices of James F Aspell, P.C. Hartford workers' compensation lawyers are proud to be committed advocates for employees throughout the state of Connecticut. Here, we highlight the five most important steps that injured Amazon workers need to take after a job-related accident. Report Your Injury & File Your Claim Within the Deadline Under Connecticut workers' compensation regulations, both employers and employees have certain basic legal obligations. Injured workers must report their accident to their employer (usually your supervisor). Reporting your injury is also the first step in filing a worker's compensation claim. Once you report your injury, your supervisor (or perhaps a human resources worker or another representative) may provide you with a worker's compensation claim form. If one isn't provided, however, simply ask. Fill out the form and return it to your supervisor (or whomever your supervisor directs you to). This will begin your claim. However, you will also need to formally file a claim with the Connecticut Workers Compensation Commission through proper service of a Form 30C. You Should Seek Immediate Medical Attention It is critical that you seek medical care and let your provider know you were injured on the job. First and foremost, injured workers should see a doctor for their own health and well-being. Second, a medical provider should complete a report indicating you were injured on the job and what your restrictions are. Your claim will not be allowed without medical support. A medical provider will help document your injuries and notify Amazon about what benefits are appropriate for you. This could save you time and trouble if you do it as soon as you reasonably can. For many benefits, a medical provider's opinion and certification will be required before appropriate benefits will be paid, which is another important reason to begin treatment. File your Claim Within the Deadline All your paperwork must be properly completed and submitted before the relevant deadline. For job-related injuries, Amazon workers generally have one year to file their claim. For occupational diseases, Amazon workers in Connecticut generally have two years from the date a physician tells them in writing that they have an occupational disease and that they may file a claim for it. If you do not file within the appropriate deadline, your claim will be forever barred. The sooner you file your workers' compensation claim, the better your chances for a successful result. You Have the Right to Protest a Claim Denial Ideally, your workers' compensation benefits will be paid in full soon after you submit your initial workers' compensation claim. Unfortunately, that is not how the system always works. If your Amazon work injury claim is denied, (You receive a Form 43) you have the right to request a hearing with the Commissioner. You Should Speak to a Workers' Compensation Attorney Full and fair workers' compensation benefits can sometimes be difficult to recover. If you were hurt on the job while working at Amazon, and your work injury claim was denied, it is crucial that you seek professional legal guidance. Your Hartford, Connecticut work injury attorney will be able to conduct a detailed review of your claim to determine what action must be taken to protect your rights. You may still be eligible to recover workers' compensation benefits. At The Law Offices of James F. Aspell, P.C., our legal team is committed to fighting for the rights and interests of injured workers. If you or your family member was injured while working at an Amazon facility in Connecticut, we can help. For a free consultation, whether your claim has been allowed or denied, please contact our law firm today. We have offices in Farmington and represent Amazon employees throughout Connecticut.

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