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19 traits of successful lawyers

Posted by James Aspell | Nov 03, 2008 | 0 Comments

These are taken, verbatim froma young lawyer's blog. I am in this place where I really want my firm to grow and be the best that we can be. I offer these up, as much for me as for you: Never be satisfied with your level of development; always try to better than you were before. Avoid comfortable situations. Do things even if you don't like them, because you know they're important. Set goals. Don't just feel you SHOULD do something, but rather that you MUST do it. Don't blame others. Resolve problems. Any setback is an obstacle that must be overcome. Take risks. But take them with wisdom. Don't take risks without planning. Evaluate and proceed with confidence and without fear. Have vision. Develop the ability to foresee in your mind the results you want even before you start with your plan. Learn to see the beginning from the end. Don't be a slave to work. Make time to rejuvenate yourself, so you can be more productive. Learn to handle yourself well under pressure. No one can have confidence in an individual who is always nervous and pressured. Be objective. Don't take failures personally. Understand the nature of energy. If you apply sufficient force to a goal, progress will be made. Learn to nurture. Build up and nurture others. Always leave things better than how you found them. Become sociable. Enjoy being with others. Become self disciplined. Don't let habits, desires and failures control you, rather learn to control yourself. Be courageous. Have FAITH in yourself. Don't doubt. Demonstrate your faith with actions and works. Live in the present. Don't live with yesterday's laurels nor with tomorrow's aspirations. Do your best NOW. Forget about past errors. Don't base today's decisions on yesterday's mistakes. Hope and live for today's success and in the future. Be quick to forgive, forget, and to keep going with on with life. This applies as much to yourself as with others. Learn to stand on the shoulders of predecessors. Build on what others have done. Don't destroy what others have done just advance your own agenda.

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