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What Does a Young Person need to know about workers compensation?

Posted by James Aspell | Jan 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

Saw I read this question on Reddit tonight and it really spoke to me.

I was assaulted at work on 1-17-2021 in California.

I had to go to the hospital because my nose was bleeding for 2 hours. The injury was minor, no surgery required. But I lost 6 hours of work since I had to leave in the middle of my shift.

They filled out some paperwork for me. They also told me that my employer is responsible for paying my hospital bills and lost wages, since I was injured at work.

They gave me a prescription, but they didn't explain how to make sure I don't get charged for it.

The pharmacy worker was completely unhelpful and told me “You need to call workers comp.” That's the only explanation that I received. If I knew what that meant, I would've already had that information available before I went to get my prescription filled 😒

I get the feeling that no one cares what happens to me. I'm only 20 years old. My mom told me that since I'm young, the employer will probably assume that I don't know my rights so they won't have to pay as much as they're supposed to.

I don't know where to start. I need advice on how to keep myself from being completely f*cked over in this situation

Here is my advice:  Number 1, take the paperwork you got from the hospital and go see a workers compensation lawyer who will do all the paperwork stuff for you.  If you are not comfortable doing that, or are afraid of lawyers, then Google "How do I file a Claim For workers' compensation in" and list the state you got hurt in.  That search will likely take you to your state's workers compensation commission's website (since you are already afraid of talking to a lawyer, then go straight to the source.)  Follow the instructions on how to file a claim and go from there.

But seriously.  Call a workers comp lawyer.  None of us charge for a consultation and all of us do our work on a basis where we only get paid if you do.  If a lawyer says they want tio charge you by the hour for a your workers comp case, run far far away.  I hope that helps.  If not, I know I am 3000 miles away from you but workers comp law is pretty similar all over the United States.  Call or DM me and I will give you my best stuff for free.  Don't get screwed.  You got hurt at work and you need medical care.  Go get some!

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