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Ct Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers

Hartford, Ct Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers

In all automobile collision cases, the manner in which the accident occurred is always a factor in evaluating the case, and as with any case, there are always different factors involved in a collision.

One of these factors may even be the age of the person involved in the collision. Anyone who has lawfully operated a motor vehicle on the roadway understands that they are required to conform to the rules of the road. If, for any reason, a person is unable to conform to the rules of the road due to their age, this becomes a factor in evaluating who may be at fault in a motor vehicle collision.

For these reasons, it is very important that a person contact a  Hartford, Connecticut car accident lawyer immediately if they have been involved in an automobile collision. Car accidents can impact a person's life in many ways, and the legal process that follows can be difficult to navigate. An attorney in  Hartford, Connecticut  meanwhile can help guide their client through their case, providing them with as strong a defense as possible.


Anyone injured in a motor vehicle collision through the sole negligence of another is entitled to be fairly and adequately compensated for their injuries; loss time from work; and other non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, and inconvenience.

A car accident can impact a person's life in numerous ways, and therefore it is very important to have an attorney on your side who will fight for your case to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. An attorney will help ease the frustrations of your case, giving you both the time and the energy to focus on healing.

Determining Liability

Liability is determined based upon conformity to the rules of the road. Similarly, a mistake of law is not a defense in a liability case. This means the fact that a person did something a certain way their entire life does not exonerate them from liability if the particular action does not conform to the rules of the road.

Negligence in Elder Car Accident Cases

Negligence is a legal term that describes the factors used to identify liability in any motor vehicle collision. The standards of negligence apply equally to the elderly as they do to young and inexperienced drivers. Each case is evaluated pursuant to the negligence factors. Liability is determined based on the facts and circumstances of each individual case which make it important a Hartford, CT  elderly car accident lawyer is available to assist.

Contacting a Lawyer

Anyone who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was injured should contact an experienced attorney to evaluate their claim and answer any questions that they may have. This evaluation also allows the attorney to provide the potential clients a good and fair evaluation of the claim, as well as any potential issues regarding liability or other factors of the case.

An attorney will act as your advocate throughout your case, and will ensure that you have an understanding of your case and the legal process you are going through so that you are capable of making informed decisions regarding your case.


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